Where would you use guardian kong

I have guardian Kong haven’t touched him just wondering where would you use him or would you use him at all

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feed him to Zimkitha…

Is he that bad
So he would don well.ahaint blue titans

Would not be good lol

There are better red 5* for titan…even some 4* like wilbur are much better…

Never, there are countless better heroes.

I see his use on raids paired with Isarnia he’ll do a lot of damage, his 220% to all at average mana and 786 attack stat is imho better than Quintuses special.

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I’ve got Guardian Kong also, pulled him the last time guardians came around, I’ll be following this to see what people say. I think he’s a better hero then Quintas by far

He’s not that bad. He’s got as high of an attack stat as Panther does, so he can be good in a red stack.

The raising defense for the element he’s weak against only really works for defense, but I don’t think his stats [for that] are all that spectacular.

I mean, there are better red 5* options, but he’s not unusable; he’s just more or less undesired.

& He’s pretty boring compared to the other guardians.

Attack all + raises ice defense only? Lame

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Yea you wouldn’t take him to blue/ice titans running a all red stack, you’d be mostly greens. So unless you’re facing 13-14* titans that 1 hit kill you it’s not worth it even with green heroes.

For raids on offense, if you lacked a defense buffer then I could maybe see him fitting in as a wing with 2 Gravemaker flanks possibly?

Other then that I see no role where he could really excel other then added tile damage?

I am here to protect the Kong! There are many aspects and priorities in this game. I believe for most people the highest value is verstality since the lack of asc. materials. Also there are heroes imho which are so to speak bad caz’ they aren’t really good at anything. Kong is not one of them. Reason is simple, he is the best AoE red regarding legendary events. He has basically the same base damage as Azlar, but his special is stronger (220% to 205%), and also faster (average to slow). We could say Azlar has DoT, which is true, but also irrelevant if you do it competitively since you won’t wait for DoT dmg for sure.
It’s a narrow path, I know, but in that he is GREAT! :slight_smile:
Hope it helped!


Kong have high attack, have an impressive damage % for a 5-target hitter and his buff cover all of your heroes. He is strong, even better than Azlar on flank position.

If you can Id say to use those 3 guys together on you raid attacks…
10 red tiles and you could kill an entire team with their specials.


Ditto this for events, @FraVit93.


I still prefer him over Khagan.

Guardian Kong is a good hero, almost like Azlar. The thing is that ice defence is almost useless everywhere, meaning he is a good AoE hero dealing a lot of damage especially for average speed, but without any skill.

So yes you can compare him to a red Quintus, and don’t forget that our good @Wharflord (2nd in the last legendary event) probably used Quintus as his fifth purple hero for pure damage.

Just so, and I have Kong maxed to fit into the average mana red stack with Wilbur, Falcon, and Lancelot/BT.


Do emblems change the overall value of G. Kong? It seems like his defense is low enough that it really impacts his surviability despite his high HP.

If you took him to +9, you could add 54 points to his defense, which would take him over 600, and could have a big impact. Anyone have thoughts on whether or not that would get him off people’s bench? Or at least people who don’t already have GM / Kage that they’re giving Barbarian emblems to?

He just seems to have so much potential with a high damage AoE at medium mana speed hero!

Bit of a necro reply but I’m also wondering this.

How would he do survival wise with Gazelle and a healer?

Necro reply to answer the necro-revive of this thread, but the above is pretty much the best way to get the most use out of G. Kong.

He does hit all enemies for decent damage with his skill, so with Wilbur and G. Falcon you can spread a lot of damage to enemies with him.

Even 4* squishies like Scarlett become notably more durable thanks to Gazelle, so I’d imagine G. Kong would do well with her as a partner. Basically any hero that can help him survive or deal more damage. Gazelle does both. Also why Wilbur is his preferred partner – they’re both the same color and charge at the same time too, which is even better.

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I always play my Guardian Kong on stages that have skyscrapers. Also, if your raid opponent has blonde women on their team, he likes to steal those so play him on those raids too. But if they have airplanes, watch out.


By the way, Guardian Kong is a female. You can see she’s clearly got bosoms.

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