Where to range Alasie? Comparing to Magni, Marjana, Joon and some other hard hitter 5 star

She is fast, hits hard at 410, alters mana recuperation AND gives blue heroes extra attack and defense.

If i’m looking at Magni, fast, 420 and 4x extra 63% defense for 2 neighours.

Is she comparable with him or should we look at other things? Both will be very usefull in raids i think. Will Alasie be an A in @Anchor 's ? And what does @Kerridoc think of this?

If this is too much Alasie, then please merge this with another topic. I thought this would be better findable :smiley:

My feeling just tells me i can exchange her with Lianna, Magni, Marjana, Joon and Horghall further on i think teaming her up with Magni or Richard would be nice.

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Currently, she’s widely being regarded as the second overall best ice hero, second to Athena… I would have to agree, at least on paper as I haven’t maxed mine or given her any real testing… Be ready to see her get paired up with Magni. They seem to make a great couple… She’ll also be key on Titan attacks and when going against strong red tanks in Raids… Possible game changer for many, same as Zeline when she came into the picture…


yeah see her also as the second best blue after Magni.

I played with her extensively in Beta when they tested her. She’s a great blue hero that probably can be used everywhere. She reminds me of more a Lianna without the huge massive damage (though it is still really high) but with the mana reduction then a Magni who’s special at least compensates for his deficiency (defense).

I would not consider her a game changer by any stretch (where Zeline is the only 5* with a full debuff which is game changing). Her and Magni just don’t feel different enough to me (and yes, I know they are different) where she’s clearly the 2nd best blue, though she probably is by a hair. I did like her better that Perseus but on my team, his skill is more useful as I have other direct damage dealers in other colors.

As always, whether you love her or not will come down to the rest of your roster.


I’ve got King Arthur working his way up the chain and I’m trying to figure out how she compares to him. Stat-wise she’s got a little more attack, and he’s got a little more D. About the same damage.

I think that her mana control is a bit more valuable than Arthur’s special, but primarily because it effects more than just one target.

Obviously it would be great to have both, just trying to decide if it’s worth spending for her if I’ve already got Arthur. Especially since I really don’t need any of the Pirates.

Yeah Arthur’s D is way bigger.


Arthur’s skill is a lot better

The mana control isn’t that big

I put her in the same range as Arthur, so surely an “A” hero.
If i have to choose who max between them, i probably pick her for the fast mana.

You really need Arthur for his special, but it’s the same even if you leave him at 3-70.


I don’t know what you’re smoking

Same thing can be said for Alasie that you only need her mana control

Arthur hits like a truck too

Not so hard to get it, it wasn’t so long to read.

What I was referring to

Exactly, they are both useful for their specials (i put on the same range both for titans, a little better Alasie for raids, a little better Arthur on events).
Thats why i said right from the beginning they are both “A”.
Special works for both even on 3-70, so i’m not basing who took to 80 on that. I look somewhere else and that “else” is mana speed.

But if we want to take a step further, i can tell you that it’s better take first Alasie to 80 because she has a little more attack, so you can have more attack benefits from that, and in the opposite, Arthur tankier assets allow him to survive more then Alasie on 3-70.

It’s just a tactical priority for me, if i have them i take them both to 80 for sure.


First is Athena, the unobtainable. Clearly the best blue hero, but not currently available.

We now have three similar, excellent sniper blue 5*: Magni, Arthur and Alasie.

Basic stats:
Magni 793 A, 591 D, 1334 HP 420% strike
Alasie 739 A, 706 D, 1336 HP 462% strike
Arthur 709 A, 725 D, 1320 HP 468% strike

Which puts the A*strike at 3,331, 3,414, and 3,318 respectively. So Alasie is clearly the hardest hitter (though well below the leader in that stat, Lianna, at 3,732). Note that Magni’s tiles will do much more damage, though.

So then it comes down to specials.

Magni’s shield is very strong (63%) and saved my bacon many times.

Arthur”s special is tailor-made for titans. One target affected, one hero defended.

Alasie’s mana control is very helpful, though not overwhelming like Hel’s. She was much stronger when first released, but down-ticked for release. Mana control requires intelligent deployment, though, and I’m not betting on the AI to do that well.

Overall, these are all excellent heroes. Arthur is clearly tops for titans. I think Magni is best on defense of the three, and Alasie best on offense. But it’s all close.


Well put! I think its nice that Alasie will have the 6 turns of extra 5% attack/defence that can’t be dispelled. It does not seem like much but the up time on offence raiding should be at least 70% of the battle because of the fast mana… Which puts her tile damage almost on par with Magni around 16 attack short of his…
I just got her and would have been equally excited if i got magni! His defence buff is super helpful on defence. But I’m glad i got another HOTM. :slight_smile:


I now have to make a difficult decision. Maybe you can help me.

I got Magni 3-70, 6 telescopes, 5 warm capes
I got Alasie 2-2.

Am i stopping Magni and leveling Alasie, hoping i get 3 extra warm capes to level her to 4 with the risk getting stuck both at 3-70 waiting for warm capes to appear. OR am i leveling Magni to have one sure 5* hero on tier 4. I can level Sartana to level 4 too within a week. :smiley:

Who can help me make this decision?

Anyway thanks for all the reactions.

I’d be inclined to go Alasie, for slightly better titan usage when stacking, but it’s a close call - neither is a bad choice.

I have them both and love them both. I have my Magni at 4/80 and Alasie at 3/70 (she will be maxed soon). I frankly wouldn’t want to be without either of them. Honestly, there is no bad choice here. Nice problem to have! I really like her mana control but I love Magni’s defense buff. I find Alasie to be a bit squishier than Magni but not squishy per se. I would likely continue on with Magni to 4/80 since he is so close anyway.

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Magni 4-80 then work on Alasie
I think Magni would be better for raid defence team beside the tank…

Magni, only because he’s closer to being done. If I had them both at 1-1,I’d work on Alasie first.

Best blue heroes in order - Athena, Magni, Alasie, isarnia, Richard.

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