Where to improve?

My current lineup is above. I have enough gems for 2 elemental summons. Which one should I take a shot on? I’m assuming I’ve got an end game fire with Natalya but I’ve heard good things about the other 4 so I don’t know which are my “weakest links”. The screen shot shows basically any decent ascended heros that I have, which isn’t many as I’ve only been playing for about 2 months.



You have a solid rainbow lineup at the moment, and still have a lot of leveling left to do. I would recommend saving for an event summon, since those heroes are better in general, and much harder to come by.


That’s a solid team - Scarlett is one of my fav’s and she’s a great 4* so don’t sleep on her because you have Natalya.

I like the idea of waiting for the event summon.

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I vote for ice summon.

This way you can both try to get Kiril or Grimm.


Thanks sleeper. I will lever her once I’m stuck on ascending Natalya. I only have 1 dagger at the moment.

My vote is for dark! I am like you, only have Sabina, and I miss a purple attacker on yellow titans, those are the worst for me, even pairing wukong and sabina high tile attack stats. I dont have a purple 5* yet and I go after one of those or Tiburtus.

I’ll echo the others here, you could do with a healer in another colour to sub in for Sabina if she might be a weak link, and you need a defence debuffer, so purple or blue could hopefully grab you Tiburtus, Grimm, or Kiril which would round out your team enough to make good progress with.

Thanks all. I spent 600 gems on blue this morning with no luck, but I’ll continue to focus on blue or purple until I get the good backups.

I appreciate the advice!

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Um maybe use the trainer!! Lmao!

I’ve been waiting until I have 10 heros in a color before leveling up to maximize my chances of improving my special skills.


I’ve been focusing on leveling Wu, Sonya and Cade and am 1 pair of tall boots away from getting all of them to the final level of ascension (before I get stuck with the rare items). I have an updated screen shot with my best secondary heros listed as team 2. I have a couple of follow up questions:

  1. I have 2 pairs of fine gloves and enough traps to level Sabina. Should I get her to the last level, or should I be saving them for a future hero?

  2. I’m toying around with spending enough to do the 10 summon option the next time dark comes up. Is that a smart use of money right now or should I be waiting for an ascension item special? I am short on the elemental item for each one except Sabina.

  3. I have been leveling each fairly evenly using the elemental specific training from the training camps. Should I be focusing in on anyone in particular or continue to level fairly evenly?

  4. I am building a lvl 13 forge now and have my stronghold at 14. I am planning on maxing out my iron storage then making a push to a lvl 20 stronghold. Should I be leveling the forge or any other buildings along the way or just push the stronghold then catch up once I get there? I planned on pausing at 15 to complete all of the missions and collect the gems, but could use some advice there too.

Any other advice covering questions that I didn’t ask are more than welcome. I’ve learned more in the week that I’ve been a part of this community than I knew in the 2 months of playing before that so thank you very much! I’m glad I found this forum :slight_smile:

I rushed to level 20 stronghold. I have been regretting it ever since. My advice is to keep all your food & iron storage, farms & mines, training camps, and one forge level with your strong hold. Take the the time to catch up now, it will never be easier. Best regards.

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Disagree strongly. Sh 20 is extremely valuable for extra training camp plus being able to train 5s, not to mention a much higher chance at 4s
Keeping storages close to sh level will greatly slow you down. Instead of sh 20 in 5 or 6 months, it will take over a year. Plus you don’t even need one iron storage at 19 to get to sh 20.
No sense having all that ham production and storage if you have no 5*s to feed it to


You have a nice team of 4* heroes in team #1 so I’d definitely keep levelling them up as high as possible. Sabina is a pretty good healer with nice attack stat so would suggest ascending her.

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I’d recommend against elemental specific training. It is not an efficient use of resources


I second this. I thought I would always ave enough wooden swords, so I did elemental training for a couple weeks, and now I am perpetually out of them. Sucks.

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What do you suggest instead of elemental training?

So what would suggest that I keep close to my stronghold level?

From your picture seems like you need a strong healer, just like Sabina!

Trying to win non-HOTM non-events heroes could always be seen as a “waste of money”.
You can need badly some hero right now but with a lv13 camp you can try to train 4* heroes and with a lv20 camp even 5* ones. You can’t do that with events heroes, so i’ll suggest to wait for those summons. If you don’t have ascension items why all this haste?

Use elemental training only for short periods to level specials by 4 ranks and then mixed color training to speed up the growth of your heroes

I myself have stopped to lv 15 to bring all of my buildings around that level but it wasn’t really the best choice. Now I’m rushing to lv 20 stronghold and I’ll stop only to level iron storeges to 18 to make it possible, then i’ll develop the training camps to run permanent 3/4 lv 20 and 1/4 lv 11 training, maybe speeding up building times with gems if things will finish after 1or 2 hours after I’ll g oto sleep.

Welcome aboard Man :slight_smile:

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WOW! Thank you for the detailed response. I appreciate it!!

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