Where to go from here?

As the topic stated, looking for some general direction from here. I have a good base for the most part. Who should I level from here?
I’m thinking Hansel and Buddy before Alby for nature. Proteus/Merlin/Gafar/Cheshire Cat (I know obvious is typically Proteus, but who after). Gretel/2nd G Jackal, Should I even bother with Li Xiu at this point? Who next on my fire squad after G Falcon (I am still waiting on any top their fire 5*)?
One thing for certain is that Aegir will be fully ascended once I get that last Telescope.

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Immediately start with Wilbur!! He will be needed in raids and for titans!

And if you got enough feeders Hansel will be 2nd.

I have a fully ascended Wilbur +4.

Ooops… hidden in green screen… sowwy.

He is kind of hidden there isn’t he. I’m actually starting to think about working on some 3* hero’s just for fun (I don’t really care about 3* events, but may be fun for raid tournaments).

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So many Damascus Blades, omg :heart_eyes:

& I see a few heroes you’ve started on but haven’t finished them on their max level on that ascension. I’d always recommend doing so before starting on anyone new to ensure they’re at their strongest. That way your projects aren’t scattered and the feeders are focused on one hero at a time.

Anyway, I’d suggest leveling:

Red: Well definitely finish Falcon since he’s almost there and he’s amazing in a red stack. After that, I’d focus your attention to bringing all of your unique heroes to 60 while you wait for more mats. I’d max Lancelot next (when you have the mats), but while you wait, I’d get Colen to 60 (he’s pretty brutal, and could be great in some WRC), then Sumitomo if you want variety, then either do some dupes (Boldtusk is a great dupe to have for war, but I see you’ve started on a second Scarlett, so you might as well take her to 60 too if you need the extra firepower). Unless you’re really needing several more healers for war, though, I’d actually start on some more 3* once all of your unique 4* are already at 60. That means Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Namahage, Rudolph, Squire Wabbit and Azar [for red]. Your only unleveled red 5* is Khagan, who isn’t terrible after the v20 buff, but still not worthy of 4* mats (imo). If you run out of other unique heroes to work on, you could focus on bringing him to 60 (or 70), play around with him for a bit, and decide if he fits well into your team enough to max.

Blue: Once you get the mats, I’d definitely max Aegir, but while you wait I’d focus on finishing Triton off at 70, then bringing Sonya up to 60 (and eventually maxing her once you have the mats). Again, if you need more healers, a second Kiril could come in handy for war, and you’ve already started on one. After the dupes, or if you decide to omit them completely, I’d do the blue 3*, so Valen, Ulmer, Gato, Gunnar and Karil.

Green: Definitely finish off Evelyn, then I’d finish Melendor off at 70. After, I’d get to maxing Buddy for that attack and defense down (especially since he’s already at 60), but if you’re still waiting on mats at that point, get Hansel in the works. If Hansel makes it to 3/60 before you get enough shields to max Buddy, I’d probably do Hansel first for that mana control (controlling the mana = controlling the game), then do Buddy. After, I’d get to working on Alberich, because even though you have Mother North maxed, that heal, revive and mana boost are too good to ignore, so at least bring him to 70 when you get the chance. After, if you want variety and don’t care for 3*, you could do Kashhrek for a solid 4* tank, then Gobbler, but neither are super amazing so could be put on the back burner if need be. 3* I’d focus on are Hisan, Mnesseus, Muggy, Berden, Brienne and Belith. Elkanen is decent, but can wait. Eventually I’d bring him to 70, but I wouldn’t max him over Alby ever.

Yellow: Obviously finish Guin off, then I’d get to taking Gretel to at least 3/60 while you wait for mats. Would suggest maxing Gretel over bringing Onatel to 70, but that’s just me. I’d do Onatel after (when you have the mats). Then, I’d bring Li Xiu up to 60 for variety, then Danza, then either some dupes or 3*. 3* I’d focus on are Bane, Melia, Gan Ju, Kailani and Arman. Leonidas is good, but I’d put him behind Li Xiu in terms of 3* mats; definitely worthy of going to 3/70, but Li would do you better at 4/70 than he would at 3/70.

Purple: I know you have Hel maxed, but you should also be getting your Proteus up there too. Mana control is too important to pass up, so I’d make him your next project. Would take him to 70 first, since it’ll be awhile til you collect 6 tabards for Kunchen. After, I’d do Merlin for more mana control and something different. Then Gafar. After they’re all at 3/60 at least (but preferably maxed) you could either do some more dupe mana controllers or healers, or add some more variety. If you do the variety route, I’d be focusing on Ameonna next for the tile damage, then Cheshire for something crazy different, then Cyprian. Could do some 3* before or after those three, and if so, I’d focus on Balthazar, Tyrum, Chochin, Gill-Ra and I guess Renfeld since he’s already maxed to make a full 3* purple mono team (if you ever want to compete, could switch Renfeld out for another Balthazar). Domitia and Obakan both have their place, but won’t do you much good at 70, so I’d wait til you get some more of those 4* maxed before starting on them. Idk if I’d use any 4* mats on them, but they’re worth taking to 70 eventually.

To be honest, I always favor variety over dupes, so I think every hero deserves to be leveled at some time. With all of the new mechanics being added, every hero has its place. Even some dupes are helpful, but dupe wise, I’d only be focusing on healers, mana controllers, defense and elemental defense down for dupes, and I’d wait to do them til most of your solid unique heroes are leveled and/or maxed. I’d be prioritizing 4* first for sure, then 3* if you care about WRC or events, but if not, then 5* second, 3* last.

Again, focus on one hero in each color at a time til they’re either 1. Maxed or 2. At the mat wall. Do on color feedings for the extra 20% exp bonus. You have plenty of heroes to work on in each color, so you’ll be able to bring more heroes up in the long-run [that way].

If you have anymore questions, feel free to ask. Been awhile since I’ve done one of these, so hope it helps


It absolutely does help! I appreciate the time you put into it. A lot of those half leveled hero’s were being worked on bc I had no one else at the time. Your thoughts are where I was leaning towards as is. Some of the decisions aren’t quite cut and dry since the emblems came into play (which is why I was thinking Cheshire as I only have Sabina fully leveled and may need help in the Trials). I am able to finish all Trials as they are right now, but sometimes it’s nice to make it easier :slight_smile:

What Randapandah said! Solid advice.

Hansel / Proteus / 2nd Jackal.

Forget about Li Xiu unless you use her for 4* tournaments.

Go for max Aegir and wait for another 5* red.

Work on Colen if you want to red stack for Epic challenges.

You obviously wants to keep focusing on the 5* that you are currently levelling. In addition I would focus on the following 4* heroes:
Red - G. Falcon
Green - Hansel
Blue - Triton
Yellow - Gretel
Purple - Proteus
They will help you get the additional mats you need. Good luck

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