Where to find troops

What is the best level during Atlantis rising to find troops?

I find the earlier provinces seem to be better, so up-to province 8 or 9.

Also normal level seems better for troops than hard. YMMV.

According to BarryFarmzHere spreadsheet it is 3-4n.


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Thanks mate is that during AR

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Yes it is :slight_smile: 20 more troops

15:9 Averages about 30 troops per hit.

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I’ve tried all said levels and frankly, the claims do not hold water for me. Maybe it’s random, maybe it’s confirmation bias, maybe it’s account specific. Farming for troops seems like a waste, so I farm for whatever else I’m prioritizing on and troops come. On average, I gain ~2500 XP (mostly 1* troops) from Underwild and < 2000 from Atlantis - I believe it’s due to the fact that ToU lasts 4 days and AR half of that.



Are you talking about troops or recruits?

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Sorry, not troops, recruits.

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I was Looking for the best level for Troops

Do you mean the mana break points?