Where to find Ascension items

Are there any certain Providences in the game where you would have better luck of finding certain Ascension items?

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What ascension items are you looking for. The ones that are farmable are available and when you click on the item it tells you when you will start seeing them as well as where there is an increased chance of finding them. Otherwise it will tell you they are available from Wanted Missions, Titan Battles, and Challenge Events.

Farming in 12-9 and 13-6 tends to allow the accumulation of farmable 3* materials, that’s chainmail shirts, battle manuals, scabbards, and tall boots, over time. Like everything else though, the drops are random and often seem to come in waves for me with dead periods without good drops in between the good runs.

Hi, you’ll start getting better loots in titans and wars, as soon as your alliance gets to 80gs score. I saw a big difference, hope it happens the same with you :slight_smile:

Which ascension item(s) are you looking for?

Thank you very much for your advice and I need several orbs of magic and sturdy Shields they’re both only 3-star items but I’ve been playing four months without finding any

I dont think those are farmable except through chests and titan raids.

Yeah I’ve been completing all the chest Quest and attacking every Titan that shows up but have had very little luck and it’s frustrating because I’ve been waiting to Ascend my characters for long time now. Thank you for the information

I’ve had the same issues as the original post. My heroes are all at level 60 waiting to be ascended. Not finding what I need…gloves, boots, etc. Every once in a while seeing offers to buy Ascension packs but that’s about it.

Here too! My players are at 70:3! what can I do?

Hi @Watergiver1, please check out the Quest Calendar and go to the quest calendar tab to view what ascension items you need. Each quest you can complete will give you more of the items to ascend those 3.70s. Don’t put all your faith in chests, mystic visions, etc. or you may find yourself getting frustrated.

Thank you Quattro. I appreciate your assistance. Please don’t think me a Whiner. I have willingly spent big bucks to get my heroes where I want them. However, I do this with the anticipation of enabling them to compete in wars. Otherwise, I continue to get pulverized by the opponents. This was fine and understandable a year ago. But 12 months later and I’ve paid my dues, experience-wise and financially and deserve to be respected as a valued, supportive customer.

So any information you have that will assist in my growth & advancement is graciously appreciated. I’ve waited months for these items, and unless I am able to empower my heroes, my continued participation in the game will be severely limited.

No prob, I’m not judging. I’d be happy if my advice helped someone deal with their situation. I can understand if someone has paid into the game and not received their dues. I’m F2P with a few gem purchases only after 1 year, so I tend to have a “let it happen” attitude. But again, I feel where your coming from.

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