Where to farm Metal Ores?


I had 400+ Metal Ores at one point and now I got 0. Same for Metal Strips, Large Bone, String, Crude Iron, Firestones and Crypt mushrooms. All the useful crafting items require the same ingredients to make and now that we have more Titan hits it requires crafting more of these items. Please have a shop where you can trade IRON for these basic materials. Right now IRON storages are always full and can’t be used because it takes 3-7 days to build anything.


Province 15 has double chance for metal ores.


I found Crypt Mushrooms in 8-4, but it’s not every run (I got 6 in 16).

I’m still running 5-8 (backpacks), because it seems to have lots of little items. 8-7 is also still good for items, but it is LESS after v1.6.


Especially with this event mats are being used at a crazy rate. Just sucks that all the good items use the exact same materials.


Need to make some turtle banners for titan fights as I don’t have a one-shot withstanding team, yet. I have rest of the ingredients but completely out of metal ores. Hate that it takes 2 of them for 1 banner :neutral_face:
Game tip says more availability of metal ores in 14 and 23. Not there to 23 yet. And so far farming 14-9 hasn’t given me anything better than what I get in 8-7 or 12-9
Just checking to see if anybody know of any other specific map level that drops more of them metal ores :thinking:


Another idea - maybe use axes (one ore) or if you have a hero that has attack down (Berden, Scarlett, skittle, etc) then just minor mana potion them (you’d be able to do it twice) to get the -34% attack. You don’t need anything more than the basics for those potions.


Sure. Thanks for the tips. Don’t have those big 4* heroes yet.
And I am running low on minor mana potions as well. So I am currently burning through Axe, Turtle, Bear, Arrows. Low stock as well on those leather strips ingredient for minor mana. Can’t seem to get enough of them from 8-7 or 12-9 farming either where I am often


I also farmed strips from 5-8. I know String (arrows) is at 7-7.


Something to consider, is only using items towards the end of your group’s titan cycle. After a missed titan you are at the low part of your cycle, and if you’re group is like mine you can make 3 or 4 kills before another pass. If you mostly use items on your hardest titans it makes things go a bit further!