Where to farm for certain color troops?

I just noticed that I have a ton of blue and purple troops, but very few of the other colors. I am feeding high level troops evenly, so that’s not an explanation. Do certain levels have a higher likelihood to give certain colors? If so, which levels have the best chances at giving each color?

Apparently the random troop generation picks from a pool of every troop type available, and there is only one 1* troop type each for red and yellow, while there are two 1* troop types for green, blue, and purple. This results in a disproportionate bias against red and yellow troop drops.
As far as I know there isn’t any level which has better odds of a given troop color drop.


I haven’t seen any pattern in troop drops from farming. There are various different theories floating around on the forums, but I’ve found that each color drops about equally from any level.


Wow, okay so troop loot is random but red and yellow drop less because there aren’t as many variations? I didn’t realize that before. And that explains why I had like twice as many purple, blue, and green troops.