Where to earn nonfarmable ascension materials through gameplay

I see this question pop up all the time, so I decided to summarize all the ways to gain the elusive 3* and 4* nonfarmable ascension materials through gameplay. If I miss any, please let me know and I’ll add them.

Guaranteed drops

  1. Rare Quests (Farholme Pass I, Shiloh Desert, Morlovia, Farholme Pass II, Frostmarch, Shrikewood, and Mount Umber) give a fixed 3* mat on stage 4 and a fixed 5* mat on stage 5
  2. Challenge Events (Knights of Avalon, Pirates of Corellia, Fables of Grimmforest, Riddles of Wonderland, and Guardians of Teltoc) give 3* and 4* materials in the completion rewards for each tier. They also offer additional mats if you are able to finish in the upper scoring tiers.
  3. Path of Valor gives a fixed 3* and 4* mat on both the free path and the paid path.
  4. Season 2 Completion Rewards gives a full set of each nonfarmable material between Normal and Hard modes. Note: you have to complete all provinces and defeat the final boss to get the rewards for completion for each mode.

Random Drops

  1. Monster chests
  2. Raid chests
  3. Titan chests
  4. War chests
  5. Mystic Vision
  6. Titan loot, especially higher * and rare titans
  7. War loot
  8. Raid tournaments

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