Where to 10 pull in Q4 2021?

So, saved up enough gems for a 10 pull… but where?
I have 18 maxed 5*s, most +8 to +20:
Fire - Gefjon, Jean-Francois, Khagan, c.Vanda, Yang Mai
Nature - Kadilen, Lianna
Ice - Isarnia, King Arthur, Miki (soon Alexandrine)
Holy - Devana, Leo, c.Rana, Vivica
Dark - Bera, Domitia, Sartana, Ursena

Don’t have any Slayers or Circus, and only Anastasia from Magic.
Have Santa and frosty but no other Christmas heroes.
Other significant heroes include Almur, Guardian Falcon, Wilbur & Proteus

Main interest is Titans so thinking that EDD and DD is important.
costumes - I’m missing Kiril & Rigard but have quite a few of the other good 4*s. no luck getting c.Leo.

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I generally advise against challenge portals since they have lower odds than season 3/4. Doesn’t seem like you have any season four heroes so that’s my first thought.

However you mentioned improving titans. You have almur, Wilbur, falcon, and alex. So it seems dark and holy are most in need of an upgrade. With no guardians event on the horizon that’s out. Seems costume or magic might be your best bet.


As with a 10 pull you are still low percentage to get a 5* I’d suggest looking at where the available 3 and 4 stars would be of most benefit.

As you mention EDD I’d say maybe Tower of Magic if it reappears again before end of year for chance to get Sergei as purple def down.

The challenge event for November has been mooted by SG as players input for which one. If it is Teltoc that may be worthwhile too


Is Sergei so good as EDD? He’s dark, so that means 1 less holy hero in your stack against dark Titans. (only trying to dumb him down because I don’t have him!)
My S4 heroes include Griffin, Tett & Zila Lei. Mainly Griffin gets used out of those as he’s at +18.

Why do you want to use him against Dark Titans? He is great against the Holy one. You can get rid of Wu-Kong as he not only gives you EDD but on 2nd charge give 100% attack boost.

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hmm yes, got that one mixed up properly, back to school for me!

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Good point. I am saving for a 10-pull, and considered Slayers since I don’t have any.

However, with Santa’s Challenge coming up (and a lack of EHTs saved), I think I’ll try that instead of Slayers.

@EasyRyder Which elemental/regular defence down appeals to you most?

Btw, happy Cake Day to you! :cake: Hope it’s lucky for you.


If @PlayForFun 's take on New ninja heroes is correct, then Ninja portal.

Sorry, maybe some of the heroes I saw are (Season 5?) heroes.

I guess nature normal defence down, holy normal and elemental, dark elemental

Nature: no def down… so I made a few pulls not getting Frigg. No regular attack boost either after Grevle…
Dark: have def. down (Tiburtus), no EDD and no booster. Costume Rigard is still on my wish list but will use bears in the meantime…
Holy: no normal or elemental def. down. Have Mist for special skill def down but… Using Wu for boost
Ice: all good :slight_smile:
Fire: no complaints here either!

Using Miki of course for all except holy as booster

whaaat cake day… that gives me an idea… does Gingerbread count?

Reading your notes, I suggest Tower of Magic* for two reasons:

i) greater chance to get Sergei, since he’s a 4* vs Panther.
ii) the other 4*/3* from this portal look very good. I have Dolgoon, and even though he’s 3* I’m happy I pulled him.

*Since Ninja Tower has been confirmed for November, it seems likely ToM will return in December…

Whatever you decide, good luck!


SG indicated they will alternate the tower and the alliance quest, so I guess next ToM will be in 12 weeks. (Ninja in 4 weeks, alliance-quest again in 8, then ToM).

I hope SG can offer some clarity on upcoming events. There are some disappointed players already with the last minute changes to the past two challenge events…


My guess is they’re over-using the newer events at the moment while they work on updating the older ones. Once they’re all on a level it will probably settle down to a proper schedule. Hopefully. If not, a lot of calendar creators’ heads will explode and the rest of us will wander about in a confused state.

Thanks, going with that ‘magic’ suggestion!
Hope they can give us some clarity of what’s happening when in advance as SamMe mentions.
Did a 3 pull during Knights in the meantime and ended up with Ferant… I’ve hardly used riposters as I didn’t get any until 1 year after playing so not sure I will ever level him… He’s hoping for somthing better from magic…

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I don’t know what the new CoK heroes do, except for the two 3* heroes. :rofl: Congrats on your Ferant though! :partying_face::tada::tada::tada:

I’m doing a 10x pull at ninjas. Hoping to have enough for 10 10x pulls by then

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