Where should i spent my 2600 diamonds?

Hello community,

I am 100 diamond away from gathering the necessary 2600 to make a 10x pull. I was planing to spent them on a nature summon as i luck from strong green Heroes. Today i had a peek at the new heroes of the Wonderland event and they seemed pretty strong and also matched the color of the ascension materials in my possession. Should i wait for the event to pull the 10x there? Or just spent them in elemental summon as i was planning to from the beginning?

Thanks in advance

Wait for Avalon or Teltoc (or new event, I didn’t know how heroes from them look),
Or collect 3000 for S2


3000 for season two also gives you 3 shots at the ascension chest as well - which is probably worth saving the extra 400 gems…


Please follow the above advice. I know you might want to burn thru them, ut wait especially if you have an opportunity to potentially get ascension materials or event /season 2 heros


definetely wait for season 2 to come around. It’s gonna be worth it for the extra shots at the bonus ascension item chest, and you never know if you’ll get lucky.

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3 shots for a 10x pull?


i’m curious about those Wonderland heroes though.
If it weren’t for all that anticipation I have been doing the 10 pulls for atlantis events. Still get a chance for HOTM, get the chest as mentioned before, get a chance for a bonus draw too.

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Thank you all for your answers,

i decided to keep my diamonds till the wonderland event comes on-board, as i have gathered most of the Atlantis 4* heroes + Kage. Plus i already have gathered 300 Atlantis coins i will cross my fingers for the 14 of February. After all the TC20 can cover up the Nature Heroes.

The answer is there really is never a great time to do an elemental summons or an epic hero summons. Your best money is to save the gems for an event summons and that way if you end up with a season 1 hero, you can be happy about it as well.

One of the largest mistakes I have made in this game has been that I did a lot of Elemental and Epic hero summons. If I get a season 1 5* from an event summons now, it is food and a disappointment. I truly regret that I had done Elemental and Epic hero summons at all. It certainly is not the way to go.

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Don’t do elemental or epic summon as the entire heroes can be obtained from tc20.

Do the pull only for event or atlantis summon

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My bad, typo. You are correct, only 1. But it’s worth it to me for that known ascension item.

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Eh i dont regret elmentals, did help fill out my roster of 4s rather quickly in each color. But i get what you’re sayin

I agree - but I am super biased as I pulled 3 5* purple early from dark elemental pull. But the fact of the matter is that it did really help me round out my roster.

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I didnt pull any 5s from the elementals unfortunately

But then again i’m glad since it didnt give me the chance to skip maxing my 4s to take 5s to 3/70 like i see many new players do

I don’t use my gems anymore for pulling heroes. I only use them for pulling troops. It’s the only way i can keep up a bit.
I’m playing since juli 2017 and got only Zeline from the beginning.
AKA Traggeter

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@Taboo I’m new to the game also and & need lots of advice but as I’m reading these replys thinking to myself I know all these players didn’t wait until the Atlantis summons to get any of HOTM pulls IJS and all the buzz about KUNCHEN the HOTM now and how good he is I wonder how are they getting him

Ignore everything anyone says unless it involves pulling for wonderland.


Only… sort of kidding…

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