Where should I be focusing?

Hey folks! I’ve seen a lot of great posts and people willing to help out newer players! So I thought I’d ask the forums for help with my current situation.

I’ve been playing more and more actively, the game was really fun at first but I’ve become increasingly interested, to the point where I’m watching streams and hunting for strategies every night.

My first four star pull was Kiril and he was the first hero I got to full 70. I got a Wu and Kashh pretty early which sustained me heavily in the early game, and eventually, finally, Khagan was my first five-star (off an epic token via elemental chest, lucky me!). Then I got Obakan. From there I ramped up, invested a little and got a Cabin Boy for offense, off an event pull. I got my TC running two 11s and a 1 or 2… I was just kinda plugging away as a far as I knew.

But honestly between alliance wars and offense/defense I made a few odd decisions before really investing because of what I had in front of me. Now feel like I have too many fires to put out let alone figure out which is the most important. My “issue” is that now, during this past event I decided to budget some serious (for me) finical investment, and I don’t know how or where to progress. I was SUPER lucky in my pulls of four and five star heroes, watching other people pull makes me feel guilty as I’ve probably spent less than most people but have multiples of a few interesting heroes.

Anyway, I took some screen shots of my hero lists. I’m generally feeling overwhelmed and directionless. I think some of my new pulls are better than the team I’d been working so hard to level. I happened to get Gravemaker and have been throwing most of my feeder heroes at him for now, mostly out of a general feeling that I have no clue where to go. I think I should be focusing on specific heroes but not sure who they are.

Maybe some of you will look at this and just know from experience which heroes should be leveled next, I’m open to suggestions. I want to make the most of my accession items, and to find the best combination of the heroes I have available!

If you feel like looking these over and shooting me some tips I’d be super grateful!!

What level is your stronghold, and what ascension mats do you have to ascend heroes?

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I do not know how long you have been playing, but the first thing is to look at are ascension materials you have.they are difficult to get, and 5s demand a lot of them. The best way at start is to develop a good 4 team, and with them participating in events, rare qusts and higher titans to obtain the materials to ascend your 5s.
You have an excellent roster of 4
s, of which I would recommend Wu, kiril, boldtusk, cabin boy, tiburtus, hansel, scarlett, grimm, gormek. The altrnatives are many.
If you have enough ascension materials, then go for gravemaker. Azlar, khagan and Horghall are for defense mainly. Rumpel is still being debated, but it all depends if your interest is titans, raids, war or what.
There are many good alliances that will help newer players with those choices, and many line contacts that will do the same.


My SH is leveling to 15 right now, it’s about a day and a half from finishing, so currently lvl 14.

I have five Damascus blades, one Farsight Telescope, one set of Mystic Rings, two Darts, and two Royal…

you know what I’m just gunna screenshot again. One second…

Sonya is important too, only debuffer you have

Melendor also debuffs :slight_smile:

Thanks, I stand corrected, lost him, lol

OK ya - @Branwen has given the best advice. You aren’t close to having the 4* ascension materials to ascend your 5* heroes to max. Without those, your 4* heroes will be better.

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You already have kiril, an excelent 4*, boldtusk is a great favourite, wu is possibly the best 4* around, tiburtus will fulfill the de shielder part, and with melendor as healer/ debuffer, you will have a first rainbow team that will work nicely


Thanks a ton everyone, I’ll focus on my four stars and gaining ascension materials.

It’s hard not to just jump on the five star train, as soon as I pulled them I wanted to use them, but I’m learning how important ascension materials are. And that fully leveled heroes are better than partially leveled ones.

I would focus on your first rainbow 4* team that will let you complete the rare quests that appear regularly. You’ve got a lot choose from. A basic rainbow team should include, an attack buffer (Kiril/Boldtusk), a defense debuffer (Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek), healer/dispeller (Melendor, Sonya), fast snipers (Peters, Hansel, Chao, Sonya). And of course precious Wu for Titans.

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I will chime in my agreement also with @Branwen’s advice, I think she nailed it completely.

Congrats on all the excellent heroes you’ve pulled, they will be there waiting when you are ready for them.

For war, eventually, all the Sonya’s you have can be useful… she strikes fast and debuffs. I’ve got a couple at 3/60 for that purpose. Also I like Scarlett, she’s a bit squishy (low defense…) but packs a very good punch, with higher attack power at 767 than many 5*… excellent against Titans, especially green of course. Especially with Boldtusk and Wu… green Titans will not have a good time… :slight_smile:

Edit: I think @Branwen’s a she… sorry I got that wrong… but it would be worse if I got it wrong now… :sweat_smile:


Thanks Chopped! Good advice for war and titians.

One other thing I would add. Make sure you are in an alliance that is active and supportive, one that will help you grow stronger and learn the intricacies of the game. A dead alliance will hold you back, as will one that is too low level for your current team.

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