Where on Earth am I? Location Issues Master 🤷🏼‍♂️

I’ve seen a few if these issues recently, so have started this master so others can be referred to it.

As mods, we can see IP addresses of accounts (necessary for identifying duplicate troll accounts) and this can tell us what country the IP address comes back to.

We can also activate webcams, turn your lights on and off and manipulate the summons of our enemies…

When people report location problems, their IP address normally shows in a different country to where they expect to be. I’m no expert, but I expect that in this interconnected world providers trade bandwidth and servers like any other commodity.

If anyone is more knowledgeable on the topic or can suggest how an IP address can be repatriated without violating terms of service and international law, please jump in.

I live in the Philippines but game always reports that my local is U.S. Please fix this bug. Thank you.

How/where does the game report your location?

Unless I’m missing something, location services for apps are provided through your phone settings. Location services for app purchases is through you google/Apple/etc account.

Is it something different than these?

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Your IP address comes back to Poland, so as @LadySuzanne said, that sounds like issues external to the game.

It’s set to Philippines. So how can it be resolved? Last time it switches back and forth now its plain U.S for months

Your IP address has now moved to the USA.

You can submit a support ticket in game, but it very much looks like your internet provider is piggybacking services in other jurisdictions.

There’s nothing wrong with that necessarily, other than it is affecting your purchases.

So i can do nothibg about it. My provider is the biggwst network in our country, and it is piggybacking.

Im in kenya and my local raids are in ke… recently it has changed to mu= i have no idea why and its really irritating!!!

Your IP address is coming back to Mauritius. It’s possible that your service provider is piggybacking services in that jurisdiction. As such, it’s not a game issue :man_shrugging:t3: so I’m not sure what to suggest?

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This looks fishy… :face_with_monocle:


Is a VPN against terms of service when used specifically to combat something like this? (We had an issue with Amazon Prime before the EU stepped in that our IP was coming out to be in Belgium, so German Amazon wouldn’t let us stream. A free VPN worked to fix that problem. Then we convinced our provider to route all our traffic through a German server…)

From SGs point of view? I’m not sure
@petri @KiraSG does SG have a policy on whether players can use a VPN?

I have a similar Problem.
In the october/November timeframe my internetprovider Wilhelm.tel in Germany aquired a nee ip range 32.29.xxx.xxx. outdated Geo ip Location services identify this as originating from Iran! Thus purchases and other things are not available in "my region ". In the first few days after this IP range was used ebay and some financial services complained as well but this was fixed very quickly. The only service which still is affected is empires and puzzles.
The ip range is now assigned to Germany for months now which can be checked at RIPE database.
It would be highly appeciated if this matter could be finally fixed.

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@Sarlac Maybe that phone of yours is a second hand mobile unit originally owned by a professional hacker, which was recenty snatched somewhere in Divisoria or Recto or Cubao or where those scumbags are usually frequenting. I suggest you throw it away before it explodes, ala Mission Impossible style. Better yet, give it to me, I am somewhere in Quezon City. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

Instead of free VPN much better to go with some cheap VPNs. Free VPN could not protect your data and breach your credentials with other’s and it doesn’t provide the extra layer of security.

Certainly true if you’re doing typical VPN activity, or trying to protect yourself while online. For turning it on to do something completely legal that you have paid for, and where your passwords are already 128bit-encrypted, no, I’m not prepared to pay extra.

Welcome to the forums, by the way!

I am located in Sweden (Stockholm) but last ~1-2 weeks I’m ranked often in neighboring country Norway. Today I were in Austria for a short while… Local Leaderboard I mean.

Believe it has to do with your location settings in Google Play or iOS account.

There is a thread on this but I can’t seem to find it… @zephyr1?

i doubt that, my iOS and Google account are both Saudi accounts, and I travel alot of work it always changes to the country that I goes to

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