Where oh where are the Tomes of Tactics?

I have received Tomes from the last two Titan kills, which is annoying as it’s Royal Tabards I need.

Wish I could share some of mine :sweat_smile:

Aw, such a kind kitty. :smiley_cat:

I’m also one of those who lack Tomes, and have a surplus of D-blades

Now it’s 8 blades and only 2 tomes!

Not a single one of those items was bought (or anything else in my account as i have a personal rule)

Calling all OP heroes! Join my roster, you’ll be maxed straightaway!


I can tell from that screenshot that you’re very careful when deciding whom to max! :slight_smile:

Amm, yes and no.

Yes, because even though i have many mats, i still want the hero i am potentially going to work on to add some value on my roster, even if i am not going to use him much. At least for roster depth, depending on the tank colors we face in wars and maybe W3K. Like i am not going to max for example Harghall, just because i have nearly 50 tonics. Maybe unless i get a Toon in future? :grin:

No, because i don’t actually have many heroes at the moment worth maxing. You know my playing status. We don’t get too often good heroes, unless we hit the jackpot from time to time. Btw, i am approaching that moment when i will be out of leveling projects. Currently working on one that i will very rarely use but i have so many darts. After that maybe a couple 4s and 3s and i will be in RNG Gods hands to throw me something :grin:

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I would consider it, IF I had nobody else to work on at all :slight_smile:

At least, I was actually thinking of it about 1.5 years ago - I had literally no other Green to work on at the time - not even a 3* or a 4* . And I also didn’t have many good heroes in other colors.

I was working on costume-less Thorne and Justice at the time too!

Thankfully, the situation has changed - I pretty much always have someone “better” to work on these days. And my threshold for maxing 3* and 4* is lower than for 5*, because they’re cheaper to max.


There have been few times when I’ve not fed colour for colour, even to the extent that it can be a significant decision in soul exchange to get a red hero to work on. Unless there’s been a hero that’s going to get into a premier attack team or a war defence team, I have happily levelled up heroes for W3K and conquest of elements where I’ve previously lacked mid-powered heroes to get up to top levels of the event (especially with occasional programme crashes and when my 30th most powerful hero is 4/80 Kadilen with 20 blems). As rosters develop priorities of players like me may develop. I may need to get more into off-colour levelling in future, but I’d miss that extra 20%. :sweat_smile: