Where is the rare quest?

There is almost always a rare Mt. Soandso quest that goes on during the challenge event. Why not this time?

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i do recall some complaining that there was rare quest during event. probably pushed it back to right after. at least i hope


Probably because the dev said that there won’t be any rare quest during event because so many ppl complain about it


Oh? Hmm, must read closer! Did not see that.

This was the last staff comment that I found:


I missed that too. I heard there would be no AW in Peer Chat but that’s it.

Where did you hear/read that? Link please. :slight_smile:

I would of loved rare quest to appear anytime. But too many ppl complained.

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It was months ago people whined and complained about rare quests popping up at same time as challenge events

I’ll take it! :grin:

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Shrikewood is on its way!
I think between today and Tuesday. Will surely come, because the regular quests are already with an interval of 6 or 12hs. My guess is for tomorrow, so prepare to drink a good tonic while embracing your shield.


I thought Shrikewood had already hit and Frostmarch was next. I’m waiting on the next Farnholme because it should contain a Tome of Tactics and I have heroes waiting for their ascension.

Well your rare quest has arrived. shrikewood yay


There it is: Shrikewood. Go get that shield and Mysterious Tonic.


Here you go…yay Rare Quest! :grin:

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Alright Rook. You can close this one down.

I think the vocal minority complained, many would rather have the quest. It’s pretty easy to finish event in all categories and end up with more flasks than at the beginning.

@Checker…your response made me laugh… Njoy your day okay…awe to the some name also…