Where is the game going?

So at best means pre-nerf while at worst means post-nerf?

Telly Before Nerf (without Vela): 11.2%
Gravemaker: 11%
Telly After Nerf (without Vela): 10.9%

Without Vela, Telly is comparable to GM whether it is at best or worse form.

It is with Vela that Telly overcome GM by a landslide:
Telly Before Nerf (with Vela): 19.6%
Telly After Nerf (with Vela): 16.1%

So it is clear that Vela is what make Telly become so OP.

That is why I disagree with your post here:

I said Telly-Vela combo is OP but you cut it from your quote.

Can you look at the alliance leaderboard, what is the rank of your alliance?

It’s usually in the 2500-2600 range.

What about the war score? Mine is around 78k, usually it is against 1 Green Tank in every 3 wars.

It’s 200-something.,…

That is the total alliance score… just the war score… not counting the trophy score and titan score…

Our score is also around 80k.

Maybe your alliance is in streak of bad luck having to face Telly continuously… :sweat_smile:

“Six straight months of (totally random) bad luck” sounds like a good slogan for this game.

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Yeah, just like everytime 5* green appear, it always Elkanen… Seriously, that happen 5 times already… all of my green 5* is 5× Elkanen.

I like to play the first level of Tavern of Heroes with my mono-green Elk/Elk/Elk/Elk/Elk, all at 1/1.

Blows through it.

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I agree with that, though I wouldn’t want to lose sight of the fact that the players and forum users also need to bear a LARGE portion of the responsibility.

I probably just shouldn’t have posted, but it seemed discourteous to ignore a tag. I really am sick (I know we all are) of having stupid debates about Telluria. And they’re all stupid (the debates).

We would all have done better to moderate our stances. Luckily, we still can! I apologize that I came in too strong; it probably would have been better if I had waited a day or two or just not replied. Or simply replied that I think all these Telluria debates are counter-productive and left it at that. At this point I think everyone has made up their mind about Telluria and no one is going to change anyone else’s mind.

No hard feelings or ill will on my end.


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