Where is the game going?

There is no definition because it’s 100% subjective.
But if you want to show me how viable your S1 heroes are, build teams with just S1 heroes and try to stay in upper diamond. Have fun.

I use mostly S1 4’s and 5’s and have success. I know that I will not be in upper diamond. But it doesn’t make me less of a player or the game less enjoyable.


Dude, never said you need to be upper diamond to be successful. I even stated that success his a pure subjective matter.
If you enjoy the game that’s cool, but I don’t understand the whole accusations against me.
At the beginning I’ve simply said there is a powercreep, that this powercreep is totally common in most games (because it was put like a new thing) and therefore old heroes get less viable by time.
I actually don’t know how we got to the point where one indirectly accuses me I would call others less of a players, if they uses S1 heroes. That’s just wrong.

I am not arguing against you. I am arguing against this.

Old heroes don’t get less viable. They are still the majority of heroes in the game. Until the portals and training camps are changed to give out a different majority of heroes this will always hold true. Yes powercreep has extended the curve farther right but the center/peak of the curve stays the same.

So, I disagree a bit on this. The new heroes generally occupy specific niches (Telluria being an exception), whereas the S1 heroes are generalists. For example, there’s always room on an attacking team for a fast dispeller (Caedmon, and Sonya), as well as average speed cleansers like Rigard. I don’t agree that there is powercreep, just heroes that occupy situational usage. When they are on defense, their specials can generally be negated or worked around. Finley was brought up, easy enough to avoid damage by either waiting for him to attack before using your buffs, or don’t bring heroes that buff, instead bring debuffers. Someone like Grimble (if someone puts him on the defense) isn’t that powerful if you don’t generate minions.

And yes, you can be fairly successful with a large roster of S1 heroes, if success is defined by contributing to wars, titans, and filling up your raid/monster chests. If your success is defined by being top 100 for an extend period of time, that’ll be a little difficult.

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This is an interesting criterion and also a challenge. I already participate in one about beating Telluria teams with just s1 heroes. So, why not another one?


I never did the story mode of the game, its the most boring part. Raid and War is the most interesting part of the game for me but Telly/Vela killed the fun. I have them both but i dont use them in my defense I dont want free cups. Season 3 heroes are bizarre and problematic to the balance of the eco system, wait till the saltiness increase as the number of Heimdal increases.

I can only imagine being F2P or C2P should be extremely frustrating to be crippled. Oh wait, P2W is not happy either since i know a lot of people who did a lot of pulls and dint get Telly.


Where is the game going?? At the moment, based on very very limited data; Odin’s granddaughter is going to be a nasty game changer!!! People will curse!!!

Having seen the future with V30 testing I can say the game is just going for your wallet. There are no quality of life improvements, not benefits to any advanced building other than farms, mines and houses.

It’s sad that I fear the next update may destroy a lot of E&P players and begin the downward slide to destruction of this game


The destruction of the game is already underway! Teluria destroyed her

Разрушение игры уже идет! Телурия ее разрушила

Aren’t you just salty because you expected 30% chance of special hero in HA on 4 day training in exchange for Khagan? Or guaranteed Panther in exchange for your dupe Owl? Or AL giving 1 epic mat of your choice for every 4 rare mats? And now feel unlistened because they are unwilling to add something like that and still prefer having us grind and time-bound for free stuff?

I am exagerrating obviously (I hope), and not mean to attack personally, but there are more pressing issues for the longetivity of this game than the fact they won’t start giving away rare and hotm heroes for free to everyone. Really, when you form your expectations, be mindful that selling heroes is the main source of their revenue, if they lose it - then game may have 10 million active players, but SG will be out of business and close the servers regardless. With this new source they want to give you something that’s normally premium and exclusive, but not enough of it to make spending overall pointless. Expecting HA to become now main source of your roster is unreasonable idea from the very start. Like who is now spending to get heroes like Joon or Vivica really, if they can come out of the camp eventually - elemental summon would be superpopular otherwise…

If only I had those amazing heroes.

I’d just like the last building in the game to deliver an award like TC 20 did.

When I 1st started playing 2 years ago TC20 was the pinnacle of base building so a player like me could produce legendary heroes. I’ve ran 2 for over a year and now have all but 2 of them

From the AMA I expected the HA to be something that gave the next step up, a place to use dupes to improve my bench. I did not expect somewhere that takes 7 days to turn 1 dupe to another dupe. I’m actually ok with the 5% chance at a better hero but the week along side that is crazy.

Some other levels are almost pointless. Who needs to train a s1 3 or 4* hero after they have played 2 years?

And this is kind of feedback I think we need to provide them in the Alchemy Lab and HA Beta Beat threads where they specifically asked for it (using @zephyr1 as their vessel). I agree wholeheartedly on both your points. My suggestion was allow to optionally burn the 5 star in exchange for emblems or epic mat, and not in exchange for Khagan and co. only - just so the dupes have some real use.

For the 3 and 4 training, I think adding non-S1 heroes to the pool would provide the sense that is otherwise missing.

On the other hand, training guaranted uncommon heroes using something different than backpacks; training common heroes in 1 min with 1 recruit; training trainers etc are I think good additions making HA superior to TC and I really anticipate these options.

Sadly, majority of what I read in the Beta Beats as a feedback now is just same old asking for increased odds and shortened time for those non-S1 legendaries… If they were willing to add something like that they would have done it already. No need to keep asking them for that. If they set up the odds at 33%, people will complain it’s not 50% etc. But SG are rightfully aware that with such little step they may basically let their golden goose fly away and it will not be easy to undo so that’s hardly something to expect. Sorry if I misred your intention, I just had to comment on that somewhere and your post just happened to be there :wink:


Yes please… :sob:


Seconded (or thirded… or whatever)

I feel like the paywall gate has been firmly shut regarding S2 heroes, when there are several of them that I’d still like to have. I know my opinion doesn’t matter and F2P don’t factor in to any of their decisions, but it seems to me like they’ve basically moved beyond even caring about Atlantis at all. If that’s the trend, am I to expect the same to happen to Valhalla once S4 is released? Should I be anticipating the release of 6* heroes long before I’m able to finish a decent stable of 5s?

Just asking. Not whining about how it’s “not fair” (because I already know it’s not). Not threatening to quit. Not calling SG a bunch of expletives. I’m just legitimately curious. I’d like to know exactly where the game is going. Word on the street (forum) is that they’re not listening to the beta testers… so who exactly are they listening to?

I mean… these are fair questions to ask, are they not? Not understanding why I and others get attacked simply for asking.


Counter point.

I really like the game and I enjoy Season 3.

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I for one thinks simple is better I’m not on here to try and up my IQ. I’m here for nonsense entertainment. When they start making me work for it. It’s time for something else to do with my time. Don’t like waiting days to have things improved in my village. What’s the sense in that. Don’t like having opponents extra help modes in battles. Keep it simple

I would just love an update on where is game is going I terms of more alliance interaction. I think that why people are upset about odds pulls, hero balancing etc etc a lot of people return because of their alliance mates. A lot of good ideas have been mentioned as a way to work together more. It was teased that there would be improvements on this.
@zephyr1 @Guvnor @JonahTheBard @Petri any update on this would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

Petri works for Small Giant.

The rest of us you tagged do not.


Wouldn’t we all?

The rest of this post was self-redacted :slight_smile:


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