Where is the game going?

Hello SGG Staff and E&P Community,

I would like to address one of the most popular and disturbing trends that has captivated almost every Empires and Puzzles player, the Telluria meta and other game balance adjustments.

I would start first with a scenario and then we can look at our own game.

You go to an Apple Store and buy an iPhone 11. You are very excited and love your new phone but after a few weeks or months you notice that some of the features of your phone are no longer available or that the phone starts moving slower and it’s no longer what Apple promised when you gave them your money. You start searching on the internet and stumble upon a official statement from apple where they say that the new iPhone that you just spent over $1000 has been adjusted performance wise from a software update because they made a mistake and think that you phone should not have the performance that you were used to have in the past. What’s you first reaction upon seeing this?
I’ve chosen Apple as an example because they have been caught decreasing performance and battery life on older iPhone models and of course, fined.

Getting back to our game, I would like to touch on one of the aspects of why nerfing Telluria is something that should never be considered by SGG without any sort of compensation to its users which are also customers.
There are people who spent a crazy amount of money just to get Telluria and other heroes for that matter, max her, emblem her, completely changed their deffense and offense teams…etc. Except free to play players, everyone that got her and did some changes spent money, time and resources on her. Now lets imagine the following scenario:
I login into the game and see there is an update, I go ahead and update my game. I get back into the game and see people complaining in alliance chat that Telluria has been nerfed and that she is no longer usable and all of their money, time and resources were completly wasted. Now, I start thinking what is there to be done. Should I go on the forum and complain that SGG scammed me by promising me a hero that turned out to be useless after a while? Should I send a request to SGG? Should I file a complaint to some consumer protection agency that regulates this(Wait, there isn’t one)?


There might be some things like moral aspects, good business models that focus on long-term slow and steady gains rather than boom or bust but in the end we all are at the mercy of SGG…

I would love to see an answer from Small Giant to this. I know you guys love your loyal customers and want them to be happy, same as any other prospering business.

I know there will be a lot of trolls and free to play players that might complain but lets face it, this game is not free to play, not anymore. It will take you years of F2P to become relevant if you start playing now.

Thank you in advance for considering answering this @Petri.

I think SG is totally aware of the dilemma they are in right now regarding Telluria…

However, I think this belongs in the Telluria-Nerf-Thread… Merge @zephyr1 @guvnor @littlekaf?

#hero-balance tag please, anyone?

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This topic doen’t talk only about the Telluria nerf, it’s about all “game balance” adjustments and SGG’s attitude towards its customers. Plus, as a loyal paying customer I request an answer from them. If they don’t want to bother to give me an answer then I know they don’t care about me or my money. In that case, I will know I need to stop throwing my money at them.

Comparing to a physical product is totally different because you own the product but here the heros and all in game features are owned by the company . Your paying to use the features . The company reserve the right to modify or delete any of the features without users confirmation.

Ps: I am not interested in nerfing or buffing any heros just want to communicate the fact so one can understand what’s the ownership we possess.

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I am aware of that but in the same way I pay for a Netflix subscription to watch Narcos. I don’t own any of the content in there. After a week Netflix says Narcos is not good for users because other complained and leave me with Narcos Mexico. Will I continue to pay my subscription to Netflix?
Of course not. There are a ton of examples.

I’ve added the tag to this thread, thanks!

New issue with the game for you guys.

Well i hate fighting Tellurias flanked with velas over my life. Even i have both of the heroes and paid for them. @Zynga. you ■■■■ in the game literally thank you i have 3 accounts all paying and it is not cool you made this “Pay 2 Win” this is not a silly poker game as you think. Damn you Money mongerers and i’m out. Ok i understand you have to earn Money but give us something in return. You made many of payers out of the game trust me. Hope you earn more billion dollars in return. Btw my accounts named Rmn™ and my alliance is Royal Marching Napalms™ if you want to ban me or so. I even disband my friends cause “You Failed Me” !!!

So, what of this is a new issue?

Isn’t it what you’ve got for your money?

No i got nothing in return after i got Telluria and Vela this is disgusting. And paid a lot…

This just means that Talli was a great equalizer between new and old players and between c2p and p2w.
In some ways she reset the power distribution which is why she is so widespread.
It’s now on SSG to capitalize on this with heroes that will shake the meta and reintroduce variety again.

No Telly is not equalizer, in fact, Telly is increasing the gap between Telly owner and non-Telly owner. Some C2P have Telly while almost all P2W have Telly.


It isn’t going anywhere but here the same, certainly same more or less with other freemium games space. Do you think you quit E&P switching other games and will escape scheme of premium guns / cars / magic wands / heroes / cards behind paywall?

Not to sound harsh… but we got “PoV” which turned game to ■■■■. People have to camp titans till last hour now to not get new one. Pressure is always to kill all titans, so you finish the challenge. Instead of working on Academy or balance, we got another money grab event.

We get summon portals every week now, where you have to donate $$$ to a get anything, again huge income for them. Literally every single day soon will be a offer on sale so you can buy something. Killing coins like Atlantis so you can’t even get free pulls there, ok.

Materials are not dropping like before - you have to buy them now even more. You can see that from space.

Boards are ■■■■■■ up. You will never get a good board anymore. Before you could even do huge damage on titans but now if you stack mono team - there is no way to get decent board anymore. I get it they killed it because it was too strong in raids but what about other aspects of game?

Alchemy Lab is a joke - again money grab for SGG. Community complained - they don’t care.

I know that in my guild people are not willing to pay for VIP anymore. We had so many spenders but last 4-5 months over 80% of them quit buying even VIP. No one had a problem paying 20-50$ per month for this game, but now it just plain awful.

Not making nerf to broken heroes (hello Telluria) - saying it is “ok” yet this is the first time your defense even wins against attackers. A guy in my guild calculated he is 34-14 with telluria as a tank and it is only lvl12 emblems and not even with Vela/grave in team… With Ursena / Kunchen etc it was always close to 50%

Hero Academy delayed for XY years and when they release it will be some $$$ grab.
Even that rip-off game has Hero Academy where you can sacrifice hero for emblems.

I still play the game without spending and waiting for something new to show up to jump after 3 years playing this. I’m just sad that greed took over them. :frowning:

Game is damn brilliant, but greed is too strong with SGG.


PoV 1 might have been difficult but PoV 2 is a great opportunity to get good stuff for free!

Mostly correct but Atlantis coins were replaced by Valhalla coins so that is actually good.

Unfounded claim which is untrue and devalues your post!

Unfounded claim which is not true and has been proofed wrong by players.

Unfortunately true.

This takes time. If ever we will see a nerf in about 2 month.

I hope you are wrong.

I started and still am ftp.
During the last two years besides some real flops we had also new content I like a lot!

Lets hope for the best and let us enjoy the aspects of this great game we still like! :smile:

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You have to kill 35 Titans in 50 days. That’s 7/10 Titans. If you aren’t killing 70% of Titans, you probably need to reevaluate a few things in your Alliance.

Plus, missing on the last level of Titans won’t stop you from reaching lvl 48 (4* mats) or 50.

If you do EVERY challenge in PoV, you’ll get 52,500 points. Only 43,820 are needed for the 4* mats. That’s 8,680 points of cushion.


Getting through 2020, materials drop rate is consistency for me plus those beautiful guaranteed rare quests and emblem has been keep well intact.

My alliance has consistency killing 8-9 :star: with a week spare in POV 1 and on track for POV 2 as well.

Board is normal for the most part, for 2500++ cup tier, which has strongly consist in the sea of TVGM, time to complete raid chest didn’t change much.

Ok, I just don’t get this anymore… “Where is the game going?” … esay answer… nowhere fast… it’s heading for colaps… the new heroes are just so much out of ballance, it’s becoming impossible to fight them. The Doom’s Day Trio, (Gravemaker Telluria Vela) made the game unplayable. Literally every fight against them is decided by the starting board. As soon as Telluria casted her spell there’s no point in continuing the fight. Your heroes won’t charge, Gravemaker and Vela will kill you in a few turns. All the things we used to know about pvp fights are useless now. Choosing a team intened to synergize and counter the opponent’s specials, stacking colors, carefully planning your board moves, exploiting the enemy’s weak points, all of those are a joke now that your team stands zero chance to charge after Telluria casted. It’s just stupid… Raids (and war fights against the trio for that matter) are reduced at only one thing. Starting board. It saddens me to see this happening. Kind like seeing a loved one fading away… I’m slowly loosing interest. There’s no point in fighting the same team over and over, knowing the only hope you have to win is a lucky board. So… Where’s the game going? What next? We already have a virtually unbeatable defense. In order to compensate, we need stronger attackers, a hero imune to negative mana effests, fast charging, able to cleanse fire and water for all party members and strong enough to kill Telluria and her minions in one shot. Cause that’s all they’ll get. One shot. If not, the nightmare will just start all over again. So, ok, let’s say we’ll get this hero strong and fast enough to deal with the GM Tell Vela synergy on his own. But then? Every fatal trio owner will scream out loud “OP!” “NERF IT!” “IT TAKES AWAY OUR EDGE!” And they’ll be right! Just like those of us that warn about Telluria’s existence ruining the game now… But it will be too late. Once we’re sliding down on the path of over powered heroes, there’s no coming back. Just bringing in new OP heroes to counter the existing OP heroes, resulting in further wreacking the game’s ballance… Just remeber. There’s a limit to how strong a hero might get, without canceling all other heroes with one shot. Beware SG! You’re slowly strangling the golden goose… soon it’ll stop laying egs… Remember, as you seem to have forgotten a simple basic truth. Ballance is the base of all good things.

03.may.2020, after loosing (another) 6 consecutive flags to GM Tell Vela

[End of rant]


I would just love to see a game with tons of trading options.

I’ll make it simple, this is a card collecting game.

If you’ve ever collected cards in your life, you know that one of the best, if not the best part of collecting cards was trading.

Give us trades SG no more excuses!

Give us the ability to give 3/4* ascension items and cards too!!

I skipped a lot of this thread as it verges on another nerf thread but here is my view on where the game is going.

Personally I think the developers are putting a lot of effort into the longevity of this game and it will likely continue further than most who play it.

For long term players some things possibly feel stale and frustrating right now but there are lots of new things to entertain us and isn’t that why we play.

2 years ago we had some seasonal events, 4 challenges on rotation and only 1 seasons worth of map. Now look at the game, its huge in comparison, 3 months into the 3rd season, 5 challenge events, updated seasonal events with new heroes and bosses, a costume chamber and soon to be tavern challenge coming. There is even the chance to upgrade what were stale buildings (all be it some buildings are useless) and we are still not finished with base building.

Yes there have been mistakes made but as what some may call an old timer I’m rather happy to continue playing the new content and pick up the odd new hero every month or so, my main concern is that there is so much now that is the game still attracting the new blood who will play for the next 2 years to keep it alive and push for season 4 & 5 or are they burning out faster than before?


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