Where is the game going?

Counter point.

I really like the game and I enjoy Season 3.

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I for one thinks simple is better I’m not on here to try and up my IQ. I’m here for nonsense entertainment. When they start making me work for it. It’s time for something else to do with my time. Don’t like waiting days to have things improved in my village. What’s the sense in that. Don’t like having opponents extra help modes in battles. Keep it simple

I would just love an update on where is game is going I terms of more alliance interaction. I think that why people are upset about odds pulls, hero balancing etc etc a lot of people return because of their alliance mates. A lot of good ideas have been mentioned as a way to work together more. It was teased that there would be improvements on this.
@zephyr1 @Guvnor @JonahTheBard @Petri any update on this would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

Petri works for Small Giant.

The rest of us you tagged do not.


Wouldn’t we all?

The rest of this post was self-redacted :slight_smile:



I foresee an upcoming new way of playing with alliance members…! It will be “new and exciting”!

Source: Start of the Most Epic Empires Decade Yet - 2020 Sneak Peek!

Honestly tho; no idea. Not a dev or staff :slight_smile: just a player with a little more power.


Maybe they just meant that in the sense of playing pranks on each other and giving us extra time for Zoom poker meetups… :crazy_face:


Please please please don’t ask them for “new ways to play with alliance members”.

I’ve already seen how they respond to other requests. :confounded:

SG: Hey guys! Great news! We’ve heard requests from several forum posters that they’d like to have new ways to test their raiding skills against fellow alliance members, as well as ways to trade items and heroes with their alliance members.

So, without further ado, we introduce to you: ALLIANCE COLOSSEUM!


Basically how it works is, you pick someone in your alliance… you raid their defense team… and whatever heroes of theirs you kill? You get to keep! They then have to use their remaining heroes to try to win them back from you!

Keep in mind that once your alliance member runs out of defensive heroes, they will lose all of their cups and flags, be kicked out of the alliance and the game itself, and will have to start over again with a whole new account at level 1.



Oh and you forgot it will cost 350 gems to regain your account and you have a 95% chance of 5 Dawas as your first team.

But let’s not give the devs any ideas :joy:


On the forum or on the game? :joy:

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Forum; no power in game.


Then neck minnit:

Version 31 Update

  • Removed alliance chat function
  • Removed ability to view members’ defence teams
  • Fixed a bug where a member could join an alliance even where the alliance wanted them to join

Fixed a bug where your iTunes/Google Play account didn’t have any purchases made.

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Same here, I think season 3 is one of the best. I remember how I was stuck in my property in Cyprus here playing it all weekend. My Mom was bringing me food 3 times a day and some snacks and drinks.

This is a canard, folk wisdom with no data to support it.

Telluria’s existence is a problem in every phase of the game. In fact, Telluria has removed 90% of the PvP game.

I’m glad you said that :smile:

As the post you replied to is before balancing, lets look at the numbers before balancing:

Telluria without Vela: 11.2%
GM: 11%
Telluria with Vela: 19.6%


Exactly. The data show that the folk wisdom is based on nothing. Telluria is a problem 100% of the time, even in “nerfed” form.

Game over.

:joy: :joy: :joy:

Without Vela, Telly is comparable to GM. With Vela the win rate of the defense increase from 11.2% to 19.6%, almost doubled.

For you.

Anyway, I am a Vela owner, not Telly owner.

There’s nothing else to say, because people aren’t using her in her weakest form.

Telluria’s problems extend WAY beyond the raw numbers of ONE forum member with an unlimited roster.

Did you read that? Near the top is not the top.

People use Telly sometimes without Vela, because not all have Vela. Vela got trashed in the forum when she was released so not that many people attempt to pull her.

I think that is for @IvyTheTerrible to clarify, but from what I know, she doesn’t have every heroes.

I personally know that fighting Telly is harder when Vela is flanking her. So your claim by ONE do not have any basis.

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