Where is the game going?

I’m interested to see where the games is heading, and I like a lot of the features that they have implemented. What is the game supposed to do for a person? Get you away from the drag that real life becomes from time to time!

Here is what I have done to make the game continually enjoyable…1. Made an alt account where I experimented leveling heroes that others said were worthless. Finding ways to work them into teams on my main account to make the roster I had available more potent. 2. Made a 3rd account that I played without spending any money. Talk about a grind! I now have more of a feel how others who dont/cant afford to spend experience the game. 3. Created a new alliance to get away from the cut-throat ways of some of the bigger alliances that I have been part of. Play the game and take in noobs. Teach them so they dont experience some of the heartaches i experienced (feeding away my first Bane to Olaf).

I have been playing for about a year and a half, and I still play and enjoy the game as much as I always have, if not more, despite the runs of bad raid and war boards!

Happy gaming all!


Sounds very similar to my own situation.

I’m not always fond of the new decisions… reducing AR duration, removing Atlantis coins from chest loot, adding extra time to raid tournament to encourage people to spend gems to stay in, new proposed Tavern of Legends not including a chance to pull HotM, new heroes making classic heroes look like useless garbage in comparison, etc.

However? If you forget about all of that… and you realize how low the summoning odds are, and stick to a budget that you can afford instead of going broke trying to chase every shiny new hero… you can still enjoy the game.

I created alts and left the cutthroat alliances to create my own zero pressure zone. It’s much more fun if you don’t stress about trying to be “the best”, and just enjoy it as a game.


All said in this topic.

Chests , summons , Titan and war loot, TC’s and quest costs are a joke.

The mystic vision forget it. There is nothing mystic there, only announces from other games.

Boards are all but randoms.

You clean a board with a diamond, most time you get the same color back or other color you don’t need in majority. For me random is with all colors and not choose one and here you have it.

Basically spent money in gems and do some summons and maybe you get some good hero.

The game as completelly lost the fun and interest.

Are you sure some posts are flagged because they contain revolutionary ideas, not just because they are rude or offensive?

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Let me correct this for you! :smile:

This forum is a paradise for tyrannic despots! :rofl:

Or any other people you dislike because they dont agree with you!
There you go…

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I have to admit I don’t know what’s happening in this forum lately.
People are getting so unreasonable, touchy, aggressive, rude you name it and it’s happened over the last four weeks
It’s never been as bad since I first joined about 18 months ago.
Is it because we are all getting ratty with the COVID lockdown?


As @zephyr1 quoted Forum Rules, you can’t simply hide everything you don’t like, as it will be the misuse of a function. I’ve been reading this forum for about two years and never seen posts flagged just for an idea or suggestion. However, there were plenty of posts with opinions worded in a way that looks dismissively or rude.

PS: Honestly, I don’t see the reason why quoted post was flagged? I don’t see any abuse here.


She’s not OP at all… for a 6* hero


Read what zephyr quoted, the answer lies within.

I did read and I don’t see in which way that post violates forum rules. It doesn’t argue with moderators and it doesn’t disclose any private messages. It just expresses an opinion that forum flagging is overused. That statement is debatable but not more than that.

Sadly I think it’s a combination of both. We all have more time to play, lore time to see the games flaws, and more time to contemplate what we want to see the game become. I think kore people are reading the forums for a new mix of opinions.

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Okie doke. My interpretation was different. No right or wrong. Perhaps I saw something that isn’t there.

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Sure. This is just a discussion. :slight_smile:

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I’m pretty sure that quote breaks 1 if not 2 forum rules.

I’ve had some extremely harsh criticisms of SGG staff and never had them flagged or felt like my account was in risk or would be punished.

Maybe the one who flag you is ordinary member not mod/staff. Otherwise arguing against their flag is forbidden.

Anyway… this is off-topic…

I remember when I started there was a fairly large round of balance adjustments - not just nerfs but IIRC actually many heroes were buffed (e.g. Perfect Riposte went from 115% to 125%). That was before Atlantis came out.
Once S2 was out SGG realised that rather than having to do balance adjustments - which did not make them any money - they could simply “adjust” the game balance by continuously releasing new powercreepy heroes (via the new seasons or a HOTM) that countered previous powercreepy heroes, ad infinitum. Since S2 released there has not been a single nerf of buff in 2-odd years.

And that’s where we are and likely will be until kingdom come. SGG chasing the money from the whales who want every next hero to beat the previous hero that beats the previous hero.

I’m CTP and between the insanely bad pulls from TC20 (1.5 years in and I have only half of the classical 5*, but 5 Obakans; I only have 1 5* from S2 and 2 HOTM) I am being left so far behind I am seriously considering just walking away from the game. There is no path to anything for people like me.


As a c2p (close to f2p) myself I can’t agree with a statement that there is no path to anything. It is an overstatement. May be there is no path to top 100, that is true. It is hard to compete with all new shiny heroes if you have only classic heroes. Otherwise you can play and be competitive in all aspects of the game.

However, I agree that some steps toward c2p players could be done.

I hope, that Hero Academy can help with redundant hero duplicates. It is a shame to use good 4 or 5* heroes as feeders, taking in account how hard is to get them.

Also, there are asks (and I did that too) to add Season 2 heroes to training camps (new levels, advanced levels whatever).

Also there was a suggestion to introduce a building for crafting costumes. This should help getting costumes to existing 5* heroes.


For players who aren’t pay to play (myself), it’s going nowhere. I constantly get the same heroes over and over. There’s no uniqueness. The game would go somewhere if they incorporated trading heroes and viewing team’s war battles.


Hello SGG Staff and E&P Community,

I would like to address one of the most popular and disturbing trends that has captivated almost every Empires and Puzzles player, the Telluria meta and other game balance adjustments.

I would start first with a scenario and then we can look at our own game.

You go to an Apple Store and buy an iPhone 11. You are very excited and love your new phone but after a few weeks or months you notice that some of the features of your phone are no longer available or that the phone starts moving slower and it’s no longer what Apple promised when you gave them your money. You start searching on the internet and stumble upon a official statement from apple where they say that the new iPhone that you just spent over $1000 has been adjusted performance wise from a software update because they made a mistake and think that you phone should not have the performance that you were used to have in the past. What’s you first reaction upon seeing this?
I’ve chosen Apple as an example because they have been caught decreasing performance and battery life on older iPhone models and of course, fined.

Getting back to our game, I would like to touch on one of the aspects of why nerfing Telluria is something that should never be considered by SGG without any sort of compensation to its users which are also customers.
There are people who spent a crazy amount of money just to get Telluria and other heroes for that matter, max her, emblem her, completely changed their deffense and offense teams…etc. Except free to play players, everyone that got her and did some changes spent money, time and resources on her. Now lets imagine the following scenario:
I login into the game and see there is an update, I go ahead and update my game. I get back into the game and see people complaining in alliance chat that Telluria has been nerfed and that she is no longer usable and all of their money, time and resources were completly wasted. Now, I start thinking what is there to be done. Should I go on the forum and complain that SGG scammed me by promising me a hero that turned out to be useless after a while? Should I send a request to SGG? Should I file a complaint to some consumer protection agency that regulates this(Wait, there isn’t one)?


There might be some things like moral aspects, good business models that focus on long-term slow and steady gains rather than boom or bust but in the end we all are at the mercy of SGG…

I would love to see an answer from Small Giant to this. I know you guys love your loyal customers and want them to be happy, same as any other prospering business.

I know there will be a lot of trolls and free to play players that might complain but lets face it, this game is not free to play, not anymore. It will take you years of F2P to become relevant if you start playing now.

Thank you in advance for considering answering this @Petri.

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