Where is the game going?

Omg…just for u if ur SH is 3 u getur Storage to 3 and Mines also…if my SH is 17 i can get those to 17 and to get asap to SH20-23 i need my Iron Storage maxed for the required Iron to expand…but thx for educate with no knowledge

Edit: i never ever wasted Gems on Iron or Ham are u drunk? PLEASE Show me where i said that?

I would like to take part in the Olympics. 100m gold medal final to be exact. I appreciate I have only been running for a few months and I am training the way I want to, which as far as I am concerned is the best way to do it, despite what others tell me. After all why should I not?.

Oh!, wait, the Olympics is not for me? I have to do some athletics stuff in some minor competitions first! I have to go to the effort and investment to try and compete to be one of the fastest runners!

No. I demand my right to just turn up and fail miserably. :wink:


U can try, u not limited! Its like Events i can make it to certain Stage, like u can Run in the Qualifiers to a certain Point but ur not Limited by Time…but thx for another fail example

Edit: its fine,u can defend Lack of Design i dont mind, but funny how u accept that the Game isnt “Newcomer” friendly After 3years to atleast take Part.

For a Simple Daily which is Money required for PoV if u wanna Catch up i need a maxed Out Island, just a quick Question if the Daily say “Craft 5 Minor potion” does it hurt any Veterans? No! BUT Craft a lvl 16 or 20 or whatever does only Effect new Players for an Content.

So u basically want that i Spend 2 Month or more to get my Island to participate in the Game?!

Yes I can try but I wouldn’t be able to compete in Qualifiers unless I pass all sorts of other levels. You have to accept that not everything is open to everyone immediately.

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Participate and being good are 2 different Shoes my friend…

Edit: i cant beat Usain Bolt, oh then dont even bother trying its what u say :smiley:

So, you miss the point completely. You’ve shown that you haven’t even maxed your buildings to their max levels. Your SH is being upgrade to 17? Then your farms, iron storage should be at 16, but right now they’re at 15 or less. You obviously aren’t interested in learning since you just want to be insulting and not take any advice.

You don’t think that ham and iron would never be capped? Pretty short sighted thinking because of the high levels of ham required to unlock craft or TC levels. Max iron storage is required to upgrade your SH and other buildings.

Ah, I misremembered your post. You were using gems to refill WE, I thought it was for resources. But then again, that’s not the best use of gems.

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No, I can beat Usian Bolt, but I would expect to work hard over a long period of time to do it and not within the first few months of taking up athletics.

Edit: I think @Quinn3 has some great advice, just saying.

Dude u ■■■■ me off right now,ITS NOT POSSIBLE TO DO THAT!!! U HAVE 2 BUILDERS!!! If u constantly Push for SH At the fastest way how can i get 4 Storages with 1builder up cause 1is Working on SH and then also making 4 Mines and 7 Ham stuffs? It can be only done between gaps!!!

Well i asked whats best use for Gems, people said summons, and now
I have no Backpacks no Swords not enough Feeders for my Heroes, so tell me thats balanced? The Ressources in the Game are just not well tuned, all im saying.

Okay u compare to compete At a high lvl, i dont want to be Rank 1,i just wann participate in “Athlethics” u get the difference?

And you can do that, but don’t expect to be able to compete in every event from day 1

See i Cant!!! I cant Craft those Items!!! Its like i have no Legs…

Im not Day 1…so the Game want me to take 2-3? Month to get my Island done to atleast have a Shot, but why?

EDIT: Someone wants to Calc the Building Time to max Out the Island, giving perfect Ressources so no Downtime and the Ideal Path?

First of all, I’ve never had 2 builders; when I read this, I got the impression that you had 2 builders running. At any case, if you’re using it to concentrate on the SH and resources, then that’s fine.

The main original point is that missing out on a daily challenge because you don’t have a high enough level to create dragon attacks isn’t the end of the world, and you can probably still get far enough along the Path of Valor without it.

The other point is that you really should not expect that everything is possible right away. By the next PoV, you’ll probably be able to complete it with no problems, but there’s no expectation that you should be able to complete it with 1 or 2 months of gameplay.

But why? Why im Limited on a Factor to atleast try? I dont mind Failing if im not that far, example wonderworld event or what it was called, couldnt get the 4*AM cause i was to weak.

Its like saying oh no u cant Build ur SH further cause we decided too, its just lack of Design.

Given u get ur most Wanted Hero, but its locked for 30-120 Days for Wars, would u not be Mad?

Is it that Hard Program doable Quests based on the Players Base or say PoV requires Lvl X to participate like the Class Quests Last Stage is required lvl 30?!

EDIT: As said in make PoV better, it is Easy if u have Access to all kinds of Quests, Craft all Items or be far on the Map or can Raid in Diamond, but the Real thing is, its just an Activity Check, so make it Activity for all levels, Who Cares if u need Run 3 “Under Water” Stages worth 21 Energy, then make it for low lvl like Run 7 S1 stages, also worth 21 Energy dont hurt anybody and both types of Players need to be active to complete it, whats wrong with the Idea, i cant see any downside.

Old post but cudos.

This is the best analysis I have seen of the current state of the game and what is wrong about it.

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I don’t think not being able to complete 1 daily quest is the equivalent of having no legs in athletics. It is 150 points. You don’t need to complete everything in PoV to get to level 48.

Here is the breakdown for PoV 2. There is a lot of slack in there.

Anyway this getting away from the OP.

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Wow ur Strange,
First u blame me im doing it wrong.
Second u have no Clue about to Deal with 2 Builders but want to educate me with ur poor knowledge.

And Last, it adds up if i cant get things done and im potentially missing out on lvl 48 the 4* AM, cause i cant Raid in Plat and Diamond and now have to deal with missing Dailies based on the fact im not playing the Game long enough, Check the Edit and tell me how it would hurt the Game or the Players?

I know the leeway and if this continues in the next 30 Days lets say every third day im missing 10x 150 so 1500 and also cant make plat and Dia which was like 4250? And all those things done be required Lvl or Area…insane how u treat new Players by defending ur own Staus cause u play longer.

I played also a Game at Top 1% World, but not a Single Event was capped by lvl, all could be done if u just Active and thats how Events should treat u, well im not even talking about wonderland and so on just for the PoV thing. But whatever. The Game even did “Early Game” easier by the Time was Passing so people could Catch up and be Part, Back then i was the Veteran and i never ever demanded it is only allowed for all Veterans and u just need to play X Time to try.

Imo thats a bad Community which doesnt allow people in their “Elite Circle”…


If you aren’t playing the game enough to earn the top rewards, that’s your choice. PoV is a reward for playing frequently.

If you don’t turn in your school assignments, you don’t get credit for the grade.

If you don’t kick the ball into the net, you don’t score the goal.

If you can’t be bothered to spend 5 minutes out of 24 hours to do the daily quests, why are you even playing?

Dude please…read and then try Comment, i play Daily and dont complain that i need to spend too much time for the Dailies…

EDIT: i cant play things which are not unlocked…

Yes as FTP 1 year is a good estimate to get into diamond league.

Not all tasks can be done by all players…but enough tasks can be done by most to get to the 4* mats! :smile:

You can plan very well if you read the different guides in this forum.

No…you dont need that dayly task so forget it.
PoV is for the grinders of various levels.

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