Where is the game going?

Teluria upsets the balance of the game, and in general they have big balance problems (a bunch of heroes, but a bunch of Teluria, Vela decides) … there will be new GM blockers that remove all the dirt from themselves and can also remove the benefits from the enemy, new top ones will appear centers, and then heroes against them)) all so that people donate and donate, and so on in a circle without end, you may have 40 full 5, but new ones will appear and your 40 will already be careless heroes, and someone will have 10 complete and a new ordinary protagonist that you can not break with oimi 40))
everything will be like in the novel AMBROZ BEARS. INVENTIVE PATRIOT)) at the beginning of the armor, then the projectile that pierces it)) and again and again, and so on in a circle without end … but in general the game begins to die, the graphics are outdated, there is no balance, old players with their full outdated heroes leave , but new ones do not come, so bring a friend’s stock)) all this is the beginning of the end of this game!


A beginning of a monotonous time, but end? No, I don’t think so.

We survied Ares, Zeli, Guin, Kunch, Emblems, Ursl and probably will survive Telly, too.


This is rather reminiscent of people who said very similar things about Guinevere

I’m not saying the Telly/Vela paradigm is without issues, but the game and player base have survived similar controversy.


My view on Telluria is different . All those old points still hold, but Telluria is at a whole new level.


Yep. I instantly thought of Guinevere, as well. Everybody was lusting after Guin. The Top 100 was littered with Guin for the longest until some powerful Dark Element heroes like Kunchen and Seshat made it easier to stack against Guin and get her out of there.

I would not be surprised to see a minion-munching, mana-degenerating Fire hero in the near future as a HOTM.


Every new strong hero upsets the balance of the game. And that’s a good thing because otherwise the game is stale and boring. Imagine how “exciting” it would be if Guin was still the only tank.


Biggest difference between Guin and Tell is their availability though. As a HOTM, a large number of people have Tell, while Guin, as an event hero was not found on all rosters. I doubt that Guin ever occupied the same percent of top defense team as Tell at a month old does. Guin was OP at that time, but didn’t have the same negative impact on balance. It was much easier to skip 1 or 2 Guin tanks when raiding if you wanted. Now if you want to skip Tell, you may have to go 7 or 8 skips.


You are right that it is an endless cycle. New heroes come out that:
A. Offer a marked power creep over past heroes in stats (e.g., heroes are now often circa 750 attack/defense, a year and a half ago 720, and Vanilla of three years ago, around 700).
B. At times offer OP abilities far beyond others (e.g., Gazelle, Finley).
C. At times render past heroes completely useless or replace them with a superior version (e.g., Ranvir --> Miki).

This forces players to constantly get new heroes if they want to keep up, which is what it’s intended to do - make SG more money, with no consideration for how much existing players have spent. This is exactly the point - getting you to spend more. If you don’t spend more NOW, why keep you?

Ultimately, you can say “hell no” to that endless cycle of necessary (to keep up, at least for top) spending with ever decreasing pull chance per hero (see event heroes at .2%, and new super secret mystery hero at .1%), and quit. Many will do so. I agree that they will gradually milk this cow for all it’s worth, slowly drive people out, and kill the game. They will then move on to the next SG game (which I will never ever even try, given how sordidly they treat their customers and the extraordinary levels of unbridled greed lacking in a balancing human decency that they display).

It’s a pity, but such is life :slight_smile:


I’ll also add, if this becomes another purely ‘nerf telluria’ debate, it will probably get closed or merged. We have two threads for that already :+1:


The most troubling part to me is that I am starting to get the feeling that balance is handled extremely poorly by SG. Their answer to everything nowadays is to release new heroes to fix what they broke rather than just do the right thing and nerf/buff at regular intervals.

In any other game if a certain hero, faction, weapon etc is used by too many people because of how powerful it is they will nerf it and buff what isn’t used at all. My issue isn’t that there are or are not over or underpowered heroes but SG’s unwillingness to take responsability for their mistakes and simply fix what needs fixing.

Peoples benches are littered with dead weight heroes that suck and meanwhile everyone is using the same ones. This game needs a major balancing update but I have very little faith that that will happen.

people compain about telluria but GM has been an issue for ever ( even more so now that tell is out ). Ursena has also been considered near to OP if not OP for a long while now.

This game sorely needs more balancing updates in general.


This is not a discussion of Telluria.
This is about where the game goes.
Unfortunately, I observe decrease of interest to the game among old players.


There were several buffs/nerfs in the past, but it is not a solution as far as I can see. I’d say that introduction of Alliance wars contributed to the game much more than all hero power adjustments. Plus emblems and costumes.

So, obviously, number of heroes will continue to grow and there will, probably, be another modes to address it. May be Hero Academy will be a step in this direction, may be Tavern. May be devs will come up with other modes that will require more heroes involved.

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@Aleksanbr, this is a general discussion and Russian is not acceptable here. Please, post your messages in English.

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no balance of heroes, many become unnecessary heroes, use the same.look at the top players, everyone has one center, what variety?

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I’d assume that you talk about raids and quests mostly.

As you mentioned in your Russian version of the post, you use “stale” heroes for Alliance wars. I’d assume that use more heroes for challenge events too.

So, the question is, basically, about more modes that will require more heroes that raids. Right?

You can never please some. :wink:


hide … in the game there is no balance between the characters

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Hi @Aleksanbr, can you please write all your pists in English like your original post or use a translation app. Otherwise the posts will end up getting hidden, which would be a shame :slightly_smiling_face:


Top players are just 100 out of a million (I don’t know the exact number of players). :wink:

Let’s imagine that devs listened to you. What they supposed to do? Stop introducing new heroes, reshuffle stats of existing heroes. Now it is equally possible to use GraveMaker and Thorne. Fine. What is next? Will it add more value to the game?


look at the top players in all one center! 1

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