Where is the best metal ore farming?

I have seen and read many lists on here that tell you where the best places are to find certain training or crafting ingredients however none of them list metal ore.
Can someone please tell me if there is a particularly level to farm Metal ore. The game says that you have an increased chance finding it on province 15 however I have played province 15 a large number of times and I have rarely received metal ore.
Pls help me Rook. Moderator. Thank you guys in advance.

Tapping on the picture in loot/ingredients says province 15 is where you start to see more.

15-9 is one of my farming spots. I do, though, see ore everywhere.

Good luck

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I did say that I know that but there are lists on here that tell you where the best places to find certain materials from. Iron ore isn’t on the list.

This was Mai’s list from ages ago:

I don’t actively hunt Metal Ore, but I’d do the same as Bud: click on the picture and follow the instructions to find it.

Note: if you’re out of a material, you can look it up in the Forge (under an item that needs it), and click that picture of it; will still work.

I personally prefer 15-8 since it has 4 waves and the same XP per 5 world energy.

It’s all RNG, but while farming 15-8, I have gotten Metal Ores x3


I’m farming 15-7. I’ve just started doing research, but so far on 55 tries there is 72% rate to get one. It’s average per try. Max drop is 3 which happens to me 2 times. In those 55 tries I got 40 metal ores.

At first it looked like: http://prntscr.com/iiwqya

But I am unlucky lately so it dropped down like this: http://prntscr.com/iiwr9x

On first pic first number is average per 1000 energy. Second one is average per 100 tries which is in fact percent chance of loot.

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I have the very same list but metal ore isn’t on it. It says province 15 yet I’ve got none from that province. I’ve found more in province 5 than anywhere else.

I have tried all of province 15 many times and got none but that’s nothing new for me. This game never gives me anything I need or want.

Yeah, I get it here and there in Province 5 also, but I did get it in 15-9. In fact, I just tried again and got this:

^^ This was one trip.


15-9 worked great for me, thanks for the advice peeps.

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All I can do is keep plodding along.
I’ve just got my 3rd ever epic hero token in over a year. I’m desperate for a second yellow but it’s not the right time of day yet for me to use it.

Good luck Leebrind! I just can’t help but thinking there is something else you can be doing to further your own success.

(Don’t mind me! I want everyone to succeed!) :wink:

Believe me I do everything I possibly can. I think my biggest problem is the titan battles. I don’t seem to do as well as I should considering my team power. I have come to the conclusion that I am better off using hero’s that do damage for more than 1 turn so I’m levelling up Colen as fast as I can because he does damage on the first turn and also does more damage for 6 turns. I could do with a second hero that does the same thing.
The 4 star hero’s that I have fully ascended are Tiburtus and Caedmon.

If you can farm province 23 without burning items, I’m getting at least one metal ore from every single run, stages 5 and 7

As you know, Titans are mainly damaged by tiles, so I use heroes with high attack (with hopefully decent defense+HP so they live longer).

That’s why I might use Melendor (healer), even though I want attackers and not healers typically: Mel’s ATK score is 714. I use Boldtusk (only 588 ATK) because of his +48% ATK for all my heroes for four turns.

Tiburtus is great with his defense debuffer and 668 ATK (maxed). Caedmon’s ATK is 635 (maxed), plus his buff removal from all enemies.

Do you use items? If so, which ones? And which Titans are you on? I didn’t really start noticing ascension items regularly until 7*. (They are still random, but I get them more.)

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I have the right hero’s just not the ascention items.
I’ve got Boldtusk 3rd ascention but not level 60 yet.
I have Melendor but not had him long. He’s ascended 2nd.
Tiburtus fully ascended
Caedmon fully ascended
Chao level 60 3rd
Scarlett 60 3rd.

I seem to do more titan damage when I use hero’s that do damage for 6 turns especially when I use Boldtusk because he increases the damage.
My biggest problem is getting the tiles to line up especially to hit the weak spot.
I always double on the strongest colour and remove the weakest.
I take into battle both Attack and defence banners. Bombs and Medium blue potions.

I like using arrows: when I know I won’t be hitting the weak spot, I click arrows, and pray it blinds the Titan (which it tends to do more frequently below 8*).

(I fill items for arrow in Provinces 6 and 7.)

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