Where is my rare titan?

We killed 10 13 * Titans and the rare titan does not appear (we just let go 1, number 4). We keep the account well because we count in an excel and we are almost always right, but now it is taking too long.
It happens to someone else?

Like almost everything with this game, the only thing that is predicable is that everything is unpredictable :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’ve found, after monitoring 100s of titans, if you release a titan, a rare NEVER appeared next. You need to record the released titans in your records too.

Edit: release = escape. We release the occasional titan and give them safe passage while they are visiting. We are kind like that @KLinMayhem :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


I’ve never released a titan. I’ve always let them escape.


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Not even the Kracken?


Everytime I have mexican!



Maybe TLI :wink: :thinking:

Based on the guide from @Dudeious.Maximus we’re closer to the 15-day side than the 10-day this time. Been predicting a rare for the past 3 days and it hasn’t shown up yet. But I’m sure it will be the next one this time :rofl: :sweat_smile:

Stars TitanName SummonTime Diff
12 Blue Unicorn 20-Jul-19 0
12 Dragon Rooster 29-Jul-19 9.6
12 Alpha Gryphon 06-Aug-19 7.7
12 Queen Harpy 14-Aug-19 7.7
12 Red Tiger 25-Aug-19 11.5
12 Blue Unicorn 01-Sep-19 6.7
13 Rooster 11-Sep-19 9.6
14 Alpha Gryphon 20-Sep-19 9.6
14 Queen Harpy 29-Sep-19 8.6
14 Red Tiger 09-Oct-19 10.5
14 Blue Unicorn 18-Oct-19 8.6
14 Rooster 30-Oct-19 12.5
14 Alpha Gryphon 06-Nov-19 6.7
14 Queen Harpy 16-Nov-19 9.6
14 Red Tiger 23-Nov-19 7.7
14 Blue Unicorn 30-Nov-19 6.7
14 Rooster 09-Dec-19 8.6
14 Alpha Gryphon 21-Dec-19 12.5
14 Queen Harpy 01-Jan-20 10.5
14 Red Tiger 10-Jan-20 9.6
14 Rooster 27-Jan-20 9.2
14 Alpha Gryphon 04-Feb-20 7.7
14 Queen Harpy 14-Feb-20 9.6
14 Red Tiger 22-Feb-20 8.6
14 Blue Unicorn 03-Mar-20 9.6
14 Rooster 11-Mar-20 7.7
14 Alpha Gryphon 17-Mar-20 6.7
14 Queen Harpy 26-Mar-20 8.6
14 Red Tiger 04-Apr-20 8.6
Average: 9.0

Average overall for my alliance is every 9 days. Had to take an average for the titan on the 27th since I had taken a break.

They release me sometimes if I am lucky enough and play smart lol

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