WHere is my bonus here?


I have been playing for a few months and one issue I had a couple of months ago was I had en epic hero token that I was saving and it disappeared. I had four regular tokens and an epic and then I only had five regular tokens.

Also, today I wanted to get Hel so I purchased an epic hero and did not get her. It says she is a free summons for every epic and Special summons. It does not say she is a chance at or anything. I would like my Hel please. I would also like my epic token back from before.


Clearly states MAY be gained as a FREE extra summon


If you get Hel, she’ll show up after your original summon as a “Bonus Draw”


An Epic token disapered from me too! Really bothering. I got it from the mystical watch tower, but it never appeared in my inventory. :thinking:


I cant remember where I got mine from but, it was there as an epic token
for couple of days ( was saving it for when I had enough to do two epic
summons) then it mysteriously turned into a regular token. I’m so annoyed
at the game and the devs. I got the run around and nothing else.