Where is Brobb?

I particularly miss reading your posts and getting enraged because I disagree and then thinking err thats kinda logical

You can make sure she sees this by calling her @Brobb . There you go, I called her :wink:

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You can achieve the same effect without having to read @Brobb’s posts by banging your head against the wall, being enraged you just hurt yourself, and then realizing it’s kinda logical that banging one’s head against walls hurts.


Bert, that hurt my head…and mine is hard

I am honoured beyond words that my absence has been noticed. Sadly I’ve spent the last few days focused trying to make money irl, which gets in the way of being an active forum participant.

Don’t fret! I shall return.


Keep it constructive ladies and gents. There are nice ways to say “I don’t prefer the company of this person.”

Forum Rules, etc


Yessssssss! Now my life is whole again <3

At least it had nothing to do with personal problems. (I guess this is general enough so people understand it was by no means my intention to be offensive…)

This cranked me up


@Rook I wish you were as protective of the people that has felt the wrath of Brobb’s prickish, condescending attitude as you are when people state that they don’t like the way she interacts with people.


I understand there are those who dislike her and why. Nevertheless, if I see someone violating Forum Rules, I must act.

Sometimes that action will be a very public admonition to adhere to rules. Sometimes it will be the quiet deletion of posts that don’t conform to the rules. You might notice the former, and not the latter. :wink:

That goes for all players.

The topic is “Where is Brobb?” Back to topic.


This is hard to figure out… at least I know how Waldo is dresses, I really don’t know where to look :cry:

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== Flame wars ==
While Brobb can be, rough, I have noticed a lot of that comes out when people engage in a flame war. It can be hard, but all forum user should try to avoid starting a flame war over a difference of opinion.

== Flagging posts ==
This is a crowdsourced forum, SOMEONE here will flag ANY post if it is particularly nasty.

Nobody has to wait for Rook to step in. Enough flags and any post is hidden.

Abuse of flagging will get you banned from the forum.

== Prolific, entertains, informative ==
Fortunately for some, or for some unfortunately, Brobb is like Bimbosigliere ( on the “BoH” forums that I moderate), a prolific, entertaining, informative user that drives discussions on what could be a very dry forum. But occasional falls into a flame war or trolling. If Bimbosigliere or Brobb cross the line, I will ban Bimbosigliere for a week or flag Brobb’s post.

== Rook ==

Mods are paid in praise and taxed in grief. The pay is too low and the taxes too high !!


I’m new 'round here, and have yet to incur Brobb’s wrath in any way…in fact, I have appreciated her posts here, at least the ones I recall.

Maybe this is 'cuz I’ve been online so long that I lost whatever microscopic interest I had in flame wars about three decades ago, and tend to ignore/move past them rapidly…and even if I do catch myself starting to write a reply in one somehow, delete it before posting!

If you lack my decades of experience, trust age and experience on this one :rofl:

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Although sometimes I agree and sometimes I disagree with Brobb, their arguments are always sound. People who don’t bring an airtight argument or explanation will always be torn to shreds. Instead of having a rational discussion a lot of people typically express themselves from an emotional standpoint and that never works against cold hard facts. People need to take a step back and actually read counter arguments with calmness and logic instead of anger/annoyance. Just remember that even though you have an opinion and are free to express it, it doesn’t mean that you are right, doesn’t mean that people can’t disagree, and doesn’t mean that you can resort to personal insults when the argument doesn’t go your way. It doesn’t matter how many people agree with you there will always be people that disagree and both sides are free to express their views.


The problem I have is the condescesion and passive-aggressive nature of some arguments that lead to that bad behavior.

Yes, Brobb. I do see those things and it stops me.
I go on to the next post or thread. You are a top level player who deserves respect for that; however, you seem to take too much joy in just arguing.

I remember (again old man’s memory) you arguing agai st those complaining about cup dropping or an AW strategy surely both only to come around to devs side after revision.

It makes me think some of your arguments no matter how well thought out and presented are there just for the argument.

God knows, I’ve pissed off many, but I was asking not telling.

Not meant as a flame. Just how I see things.


I liked your post as I often encounter passive-aggressivism in threads and usually in a flame war have no choice but to shut threads down.

I’d much prefer to enjoy reading y’alls Intellectual discourse with each other. I hate closing threads. :neutral_face:



20 characters.


@Chuck you know me. You know what kind of person I am. I’ll leave it there.



Maybe she don’t come back anymore. I personally don’t miss her…