Where is best place to farm food

Which location is best for food?

??? What you mee need, for what

Food rises fairly uniformly with each stage, so peaks are at the last stage that uses a particular number of flags: 9-1, 13-6, 17-1.


The higher you go, the more food you get, but the map is terrible for food. Even the gather food quest doesn’t give much.
The best place to farm food is thru raiding



lol,jk. as said above, raid is more efficient.

I was going to say Grocery Store, but they haven’t developed those buildings in here yet.


Besides Raids, season 1, stage 9 - 1 (first battle) gives you 1800 food and some change for 3 energy.
This is the best place to farm that I discovered so far.

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This guide will show you the best place to farm for every resouce in the game: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1K3R9JPh-czACu5tiEsLGLL_BLeY8WtJMaoltQTeKtLQ/edit#gid=1736420837

For food, the best place is apparently Season 2 15-8 Hard with an average of 787.87 ham/flag.


Best place for food in seasons is 20-4 it give best food per energy at 670.7 per energy

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The meatmills will farm ham for you. :wink:

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Hey Aqua, I know it would be difficult to do so, but could you possibly turn it into a excel form? Google doc is very difficult for my device to run

Sorry, it’s not my sheet. I only referenced it here. :slight_smile:

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