Where In The World Is C̶a̶r̶m̶e̶n̶ ̶S̶a̶n̶d̶i̶e̶g̶o̶ v19?

It appears that v19 is not in the western US yet. Anybody out there actually have the update? And does it seem to be working? :crossed_fingers:


I don’t have it in California yet.

I am in Georgia, just checked…nothing yet.

In our group we have one in cali and one east coast that both have update…….strange.

im in western canada and went to the apps store to get it…it was there waiting for me…rather than the game updating itself

@Garanwyn You were beaten to it, but your title is more amusing. :wink:

No update for me on iOS in the eastern US.

Others have mentioned they’ve updated, though, and some in my alliance have too.

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Awww man… And I checked too. Apparently v19 was not an ideal search term. Who knew you could actually spell out “version?”


Does anyone know when the new update (version 19) will take place? Within few days?

I’m waiting to open my Titan and element chests after seeing the post of the new update.

Thank you very much!

It takes time as the update becomes available in regions over time. Probably will be available by end of day tomorrow to all would be my guess.


Still not in Michigan.

Anyone remember waiting this long other than when sG stopped a rollout?

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still waiting in Italy too :vulcan_salute:

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Once SG have released the update it’s then up to Google (android play store) and Apple (ios app centre thingee). It appears that this one (v19) and v18 have taken longer to be released.

Just a side note, I’m in New Zealnd and it’s not in the Play Store yet.


Probably the last country they’re concerned about no offence

Hahaha lol that put a smile on my dial.

Prior to V18 I was always the first in my alliance to get the update, and there’s some from USA, UK, Europe.

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Just updated in Poland on Android


I’m in California & got it a few hours ago. I have an Android - had to go to the Play Store to upgrade.

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Each submission to the Apple store is reviewed by a human and takes time, sometimes up to 5 days. The play store is much more liberal with putting new versions out.

Weird, as I’ve had the update for the better part of the day and I am in Washington state.

I recommend getting updates from other sources, at least as far as Android is concerned. I use Aptoide, which isn’t available on the Play Store, but is easily found in a Google search. I’d post a link, but I don’t believe those are allowed.

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Not yet in Poland, iPhone.

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