Where/how to report offensive player names or alliance names?

I am not sure where to post this under so this is why it is in general discussion.

Recently I am seeing more and more players that are using offending names (or alliances with offending names).
Is there an easy way to report them?

I know you can report players in chat but this is not the option because I see the names when raiding or in wars.
Swearing words in name in l33t names.
WWII references in alliance names.
And so on…


With the censorship as stringent as it is you would be hard pressed to slip anything past it. You can’t even spell what babies call a bowel movement with special characters without it getting the *** treatment.

If the name occurs in game chat, there is the report function there (Report > Select reason).

Outside of game chat, I think you would have to use the game ticket system (be sure to get a screen shot of the offending player name or alliance name.)

Of course…one could always try diplomacy. Briefly join the alliance and ask them for a name change. You’d have to be very diplomatic though. :wink:

I was indeed reffering to outside of chat :slight_smile:
And leaving my alliance to ask somebody to change name will affect my warchest progress, so I rather not do that :wink:

I do not know if staff want these reports in normal game ticket systems. I expect them to have loads of tickets already and do not know if they want to have this reported this way as the que will only increase.

Thats is why L33T i used to avoid these problems but it is very clear what is ment. In your example swap the o with 0 and still reads perfecly clear.


I reported an alliance with a domestic violence theme via the ingame ticketing system. There may well be loads of tickets but I think horrible names are definitely something that should be reported, long queue or not.

Edit: This was a while back, but I did not try the diplomacy route as I think that SG are better equipped for that :wink:


No if you type p00p in game it blocks it. I promise. We played with it one day. It blocks based on something but changing characters doesn’t work.

Same here! And no, “diplomacy” would not work. Also, there are so many ways of getting around vulgar words. Thinking otherwise is naive.

Like you, I’m seeing it more and more. I’m not sure if it’s just because I’m moving up and therefore, encounter more players, or if the devs are slacking in their filter system.

In the last week, I have encountered names describing graphic sexual violence, female anatomy, male and female genitals, child abuse, and cleverly spelled out swear words. I’ve never seen so many in such a short amount of time. Most are screen names. Some are alliance names.

I have encountered 2 alliances where every member has an explicitly, albeit cleverly, sexual name. The alliance name, as well.

I use the support ticked whenever I can. I take a screen shot to provide, as well. I’m sure they don’t mind receiving these as they pride themselves on being free of such things. I am sure they want to know. The more tickets they receive of this nature, the better they will understand the growing problem and learn the alternative words people are using to get by.


I did not see anything like that. This was my question about reporting players.

The report/ticket function can be found here:

How to Contact Support (Version 31 Onwards)

Rather shocking to find out firsthand that the n-word isn’t filtered in player screen names.

Reported, but this is not acceptable.


Blows my mind the levels to which people will sink. And no, NONE of this is clever or cheeky.

Offensive and vulgar. Period.



@PlayForFun can you please help with this? Sounds pretty horrible to me and should be addressed.

Thanks so much!

I came across a Korean Alliance. Some members had the names of dog dishes. Like Bosintang, Gaejangguk, Nureongi, etc. Kinda crazy. I lived there for a year. That’s how I know about those dishes. When I find that Alliance, I’ll take a screenshot.

I think you can report these inappropiate names in in-game chat too.

Thanks @PlayForFun!

Hope this helps/works @CL_Fire!

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As long as the game is not 18+ rated, we have to assume that there are kids playing as well.
So growing a pair might work for us, but that is not what you want kids to see or be confronted with.
Maybe refrain from comments if you have nothing to add to a discussion?

Edit: I haven’t flagged your post but lets agree to disagree about names that are used. Policy is no offensive names, so the question where to report them if you notice them, is a valid question i.m.o.


My addition was that you can choose to complain about others and report players with a different mindset than yourself, or just grow a pair and dont expect others to follow your standards. You realise this is a global game, right, and that the standards in your country are possibly totally different in other countries?

If you dont want your kids to see names you dont agree with, maybe dont let m play this game. Folks in here are not responsible for what your kids see or dont see…

** flagging posts as inappropriate because you disagree with it is sad **

There are however rules with regards to names etc in the ToS which we all signed up to.

I’m pretty sure there is some EU legislation ( and other countries) around online discrimination etc which SG would have to be bound by and potentially issues if there is something offensive flagged to them and they don’t at least document why no action was taken.

The correct thing in all cases if you feel offended by something in game is to raise it via a support ticket. Of course what one person is offended by might not be the same for all and SG decide not to take any action, however it would be their decision to make.

All in all, while I may not be offended I don’t know why people would feel the need to post something discriminatory in game/ player/ alliance name. This is meant to be an escape from the world where we don’t need to worry about any of the other things in life.


I flagged your prior post because almost all of it was a vulgar, profane attack on the poster…precisely because you disagreed with their opinion.

I find your more recent post and viewpoint coarse and discourteous, apart from entirely disagreeing with you. But I didn’t flag it because you at least toned down the vulgarity and actually made points (as wrong as I think they are).

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Vulgar? How? The expression to shove it somewhere dark? Thats vulgar to you?
And this should go as a standard for whats acceptable? Rofl…im offended.

You know what i find vulgar? People trying to force their views, opinions and beliefs on others, specially using force or institutions and then going around trying to silence them because they feel offended.

** flagging posts because you disagree is sad **