Where have the orbs gone?


Do all the 3* AMs have the same drop rate? Im asking because since my first 5* popped out from TC20 (Joon) in May i haven’t got a single orb from drops (so not counting rare quest and events). I got a ton of shields (more than 10, maybe 13 or so) and trap tools, some capes and hidden blades also, but not a single orb of magic. Is it just my luck or something happened? Im asking because not long ago my 2nd 5* popped out of tc 20 and its again a yellow (Vivica). So if i dont have a chance to get orbs from random drops i wont start leveling her.


I’ve long suspected (without any proof or data) that the drop rates for certain items vary per player. In my case, I get so many purple ascension items (tabards and trap tools) that I could ascend every single purple hero I have and still have plenty left over, but I always have trouble getting blue materials (scopes and capes). In your case, it seems like maybe yellow is your low color.

That’s purely conjecture, though. I’m sure that the orbs/darts you need will come eventually. :slightly_smiling_face:


What he said.

20 orbs but just got my 5th telescope.


Here are my stats, pretty even distribution of mats, only scopes elude me more than anything else:

Damascus Blade: 9
Tome of Tactics: 9
Poison Darts: 19
Mysterious Tonic: 11
Mystic Rings: 15
Farsight Telescope: 6
Royal Tabard: 10
Compass: 34
Fine Gloves: 34
Orb of Magic: 38
Sturdy Shield: 39
Hidden Blade: 36
Warm Cape: 34
Trap Tools: 38


Yeah, I have thought about that but sounded stupid first. But if not Im the only one who experiences this may not be so stupid. Another thing is 4* troops. Whenver i get 4* troop its green (i have 5 green 4* troops, and 1 red, nothing else) this is also strange because my most common AM drops are shields for 3* and tonics for 4*. Isnt it a bit fishy? I get AMs fro green, I get an army of 4* troops for green, but green is my weakest color when we take a look at my hero bench.


I want to deny it, but sometimes it really seems that way.

I was talking just the other day with a teamates that decided to give 6 rings (after many months) to Khagan.
The very next day he get Azlar, lol.

This means anything, but i can list many of this strange “coincidence”, and some of them happen to me too.

But i really don’t want to think that way, otherwise this game was a farce since day one.

Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once

This is the reason I wish we could trade in house. I have 30 orbs and 13 compasses that I would love to trade with a fellow member for trap tools and hidden blades. I wish this game was “intelligent random” and not true random.



Damascus Blade: 11
Tome of Tactics: 12
Poison Darts: 17
Mysterious Tonic: 15
Mystic Rings: 16
Farsight Telescope: 12
Royal Tabard: 17
Compass: 45
Fine Gloves: 50
Orb of Magic: 52
Sturdy Shield: 38 !
Hidden Blade: 58
Warm Cape: 51
Trap Tools: 55


Here are my totals to date (some, particularly scopes, were bought):

4* Materials

  • D Blades: 8
  • Tomes: 9
  • Tabards: 13
  • Darts: 12
  • Scopes: 12
  • Tonics: 12
  • Rings: 13

3* Materials

  • Compasses: 32
  • Gloves: 34
  • Trap Tools: 33
  • Orbs: 39
  • Capes: 24
  • Shields: 27
  • H Blades: 31

EDIT: These totals are for about 12 months of play.


Ah, now I know where all the scopes are! You and @lexinen have them all! 14 months and yesterday I FINALLY got a 6th one to ascend Isarnia.
(Rare Quests blah blah blah)…I was a very casual player to begin and finishing those things was impossible for months.


I had the same thing. Got 6 telescopes. I had Thorne, but was not a fan of him. Asked my team members if i should complete his leveling. Mosty they said to do it, because you never know if you gonna get another 5* blue shortly. So i did. Two weeks later i pulled Magni form tc20. talking about ironic. hehe


11.5 months in:

D Blade - 7
Tome - 11
Tabard - 11
Scope - 11
Darts - 11
“Missing” Rings - 6
Tonic - 10

Compass - 35
Gloves - 35
Tools - 32
Cape - 47
Orb - 43
H Blade - 41
Shield - 32

I removed the 4* and some 3* I purchased.


And also why can’t these items be posted so as where to find them .
It’s difficult enough as it is. Not saying where they can be found is frustrating.
Frustration leads to …not fun… not fun leads to deleting app!


I have orb more than other. Trap tools is my issue




After 9 months :

  • List item

D blade 4
Tome 7
Scope 6
Rings 4
Tabards 6
Poison darts 6
Tonic 6

Compas 18
Gloves 14
Hidden blade 14
Orbe 21
Sturdy Shield 14
Trap Tools 18
Warm cape 10

Obviously, for me, warm cape is the missing AM.
I had to buy some AM (warm cape, of course… ) but only 3* mats.(don’t remember exactly but it’s 4 or 5 max)
Not complaining too much about the cape, because the drop of AM had been fitting roughly my roster.


After 17 months (meaning after maxing two 5* and thirteen 4*):

Damascus Blade 12
Tome of Tactics 6
Farsight Telescope 7
Mysterious Tonic 11
Mystic Rings 9
Poison Darts 8
Royal Tabards 7

Compas 28
Gloves 12
Hidden Blade 16
Orb of Magic 21
Sturdy Shield 18
Trap Tools 10
Warm Cape 14

Tome of Tactics is my least item, followed by Telescope and Tabards.

Over the months, I’ve noticed that 3* Ascension Items “cycle” for me, meaning I might get one or some but not all for a few weeks or months, then suddenly it cycles and the missing one appears in one of the many places I search:

  • Titan loot
  • Wanted chests
  • Rare (colored) chests
  • Mystic Vision
  • Rare Quests

I’ve even got an ascension item once from War loot, so yes that’s possible.