Where have the 5 star heros gone

I have done well over 100 pulls (and I mean well over) and only got Hotm and bonus draw. Neither worth my time. Is it just me or are others finding the same. Usually I’d still get something even if I already had them but nothing


Which portal.? Cos that makes a difference it seems.

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For me it runs in streaks I’ve gone over 200 before, then get 7 or 8 in next hundred, 4 star mats same way, long droughts, the several days with multiple, a couple days ago I got 3 tonics in one day, none of them bought, what are the odds on that? I’m sure someone has went over 1k between 5s, it’s a rng slot machine lol


Ok I never had such a long streak. But close to 200 no joy. Thanks for the feed back

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I m the same situation like u are, i wanna do some complains about this as well.


You are not alone bro, today is 100 shots and nothing. Spending money on this game has become nonsense now. stop spending


I had a pretty bad streak too for a while now. Going in it was over 100 pulls since my last event hero. I did 87 pulls this time with only hotm, then did 2 more 10 pulls and got 2 five star event heroes in each. It is very streaky.


Ooooh, you’re not alone, my fellow human. However, my heart does break for you, as I deeply empathize :broken_heart:

I am regularly below posted odds, having to do anywhere from 250, up to my max of 521 pulls, between event 5*. I’ve been experiencing this for the past 13 of the last 16 months too lol it’s been brutal to say the least. So much so, it’s deeply affected my relationship with the game, where I’m now only happy when I’m hardly playing it at all anymore :sweat_smile: (and I’d played daily for nearly four years straight prior…)

Some of us are just unlucky. And unfortunately, staff/support will never do anything to change that for ya, I’m sorry to say (believe me, I’ve been desperate enough to ask). So all I can recommend is, continue playing if you find joy in the rest of it, and this summons luck has miraculously not managed to sour the entire experience for ya quite yet. Otherwise? Find a game that’ll treat you better :relaxed: You (we all) deserve better than this :poop:.

Either way: it sucks, no getting round it. Unfortunate when it feels like the game makes the decision for ya :roll_eyes: that’s for sure


400 shots in the last 1 month and the results are terrible. I closed my payment cards. this game has become a mess. you won’t get money from me anymore sgg. bye


You’re very right.

The chance to get anything but feeders has been decreased - and the spending limit that you are required to hit before the pity counter kicks in has been increased. Diminishing return as well.
The system has this built into it, to get you to spend more than you did the month before - as well as to make sure that the biggest spenders feel rewarded if they just keep up the gambling. It’s not nice to think about but many mobile games take advantage of it’s players.

It’s very noticeable in variable summoning threads on this forum lately too. Rarely do we see anyone but the biggest spenders get five star event heroes.

It’s sad. But it’s best to just consider five stars from events as a toy, most players will never get to play with.

I myself still mostly just have four stars after two years. (S1 five stars are just not worth the time and rare materials.)

It’s just how the game works. Try not to be easy prey. You deserve better :pray:

This game is not F2P. It’s not P2P.

It’s P2G. Pay To Gamble. Never lose sight of that.

What I have found helps is LBing and emblemming my four stars fully, and then just try to be content with not being able to reach higher. I know that kind of playing isn’t for everyone of course - And I totally understand that! I really do. But at least all challenge events etc. can be completed this way.

Good luck ahead and make sure to enjoy yourself. You may not pay a lot for the game in the future. But your time is precious. :four_leaf_clover:


i was worried when Zynga took over. Seems they prooved me right again unfortunately


i did but Zynga took it

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Thanks for the great insights. There can be no other game that makes people unhappy by spending so much money. Gambling in the name of entertainment is over for me now. Losing money on you is over now zynga


As an ftp I have to :rofl: at this comment and seeing so many use it in this tread.

If I would make as many pulls as the ptp’s I might see it different. :wink:

Hope your luck improves and never forget, “average” RNG results need a lot of tries!!!
And I mean mor than 1000!

Unfortunately E&P compared to other games on the market is still a great game and gives much player action.
If you take your time and start with low expectations it is a very rewarding and fun game to play.
Even after 4+ years of playing! :heart_eyes:


There is a pity counter???
Could you please share the source of this information with me.
Thanks in advance.

This is actually built in the system. Because the more heros you already have the smaller is the chance you get a new one!
But knowing this it is the players responsibility to use their money wisely if money is something they have to care about.

That is not a suprise.
I have a Finley and a Queen of hearts.
This are old but good event heros but I understand that if I look at the odds the chance with the few pulls I make for event heros it will take time ( if ever ) to get a newer event hero.

I dont know how much you spend but Vivica, Joon, Marjana, Lianna, Sartana are still good heros today.

All chalenge evemts can be finished with vanilla heros today. Although the mat costs might be higher.

This game is ftp depending on the expectations you start with.


Hi everyone, any plans for upgrade Cao Cao damage??
Any thoughts?

Legendary drop rates in this game are ridiculously low and completely unnecessary when they could still be charging for the mats needed to ascend the heroes.


They’re at a really sweet spot in things. People think that pulling them is the wall, only to discover that AM are another wall, only to discover that LB is another wall, only to discover that emblems are another, only to discover that they need to start all over again with a costume or two… They know what they are doing. They have the model set up so that these walls are all barriers that can be overcome with additional time or money. It’s almost perfect from their perspective.

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I blew my full summoning budget on this portal for the month (maxed out the loot boxes) and walked away without a single event hero. It stings but wasn’t entirely unexpected. Fortunately I’ve had better luck in other portals so I’m going to sit and level for a while, no more summons for the time being. I have enough worthy project and as mentioned above, emblems, limit breaks and ascension mats quickly become other limiting factors. And as we all know, new heroes get churned out so quickly a hero waiting to be leveled will soon lose value in the ever growing power creep.