Where have all the rangers gone?

I wonder, is there some secret 5* ranger summoning trick I haven’t heard about? Cause in two and a half years of summoning and one and a half year of constantly running two TC20, I got exactly ZERO x 5* rangers… thing is, it’s getting crawded in here because of all the ranger emblems gathering dust…


Wow,… keep it for next candidate would be Lianna from TC20 or HA10, and Buddy from xMas in December. Buddy at least great +8, so we need only mana lvl 17 to make it 9 tiles.

Goodluck :muscle:


Pretty curious. It happens the same to me with sorcerer and rogue heroes.:sweat_smile:

I’d like to think that the E&P gods have just been holding off giving me Black Knight until I had enough emblems to max him but that may just be wishful thinking. I did recently get Azlar from HA10 so he’ll be getting a healthy portion of emblems if nothing better comes along before he’s maxed.


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Problem is game doesn’t give you what you need or what you want. It is not about Ranger class. Everybody suffers from something in this game.
My problem is finding Sorcerer and Paladin class.

My paladin heroes

My sorcerer heroes

Sometimes i have to use 5 dragon bombs to finish class quests.

Keep working, you’ll hit pay dirt eventually. I had almost a thousand ranger emblems piled up before I pulled Bai Yeong - now he’s at +10 already.

Right now I have a dearth of worthy barbarians and sorcerers.

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I’d say you’ve got a bit of bad luck — rangers are one of those where there are a lot of top-tier options (In S1: Lianna and even Khagan after buff), and too many options in the event and S2/S3 worlds. (Got lucky enough to draw Finley, there…)

Sorcerers, on the other hand, are pretty much only in the rarer summons (Quintus, of course, but probably not going to emblem him…)


You have to sneak up on them


Why can’t @Ian487 summon a ranger?

Because the rangers Ar a gon


I have 13 max hero’s and 6 of them are Monk LOL I crave for monk emblems

Have crazy amount of Barbarian emblem stacked :smiley:


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I was in the same situation, and then I got Bai and Khagan. Maxed Bai.

Still waiting on a fighter.

Oh, and that’ll be 15 demerits for @JonahTheBard


I have the same problem but with fighters. I have over 50 5* heroes and my only 5* fighter is Elena. 3 of her.

My only 5☆ Barbarian is Roc and hes unleveled. Otherwise my Barbarian emblems are spread within Gormek and Grimm

I would love to get those juicy 5☆ Barbarians

I had the same issue with Rangers and monks, till last atlantis that I got Tiburtus and last week that I got Joon from TC 20. My best ranger and monk were Berden and Bane…

I think this is true for most of us…


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