Where have all the Meteor Fragments gone to?


I’ve farmed almost every province in 1, best I’ve done is an occasional fragment in 12-9 (maybe 1 per 10 plays). Have these basically gone the way of the dodo? They used to be pretty plentiful and now… any help is greatly appreciated


Agreed, Even i have been facing the same problem, kept searching almost all the province of season 1 and apart from regular generated flags I even used flask to explore more areas in same day but can hardly find it. Is it some kind of BUG.


Into your forges, :smile:

I have a midninght root shortage. Luckyly the fragments drop for me from time to time when I farm 7.4, 12.8 and atlantis map.


Elaine, I’ve had some pretty good luck with 6.8 for roots as well as several other items. I forage there for raw iron for tornadoes and seem to get roots every 2 or 3 plays…


I run 8-7.


Sorry, I took all of them!


I’ve definitely looked in 8-7 and they actually used to be somewhat plentiful there… just poured another 42 flags into it and not a single fragment… on a side note: You obviously dont create much in mana or super mana if you have 500+ roots and almost 200 meteor frags… :wink: