Where have all the Meteor Fragments gone to?

I’ve farmed almost every province in 1, best I’ve done is an occasional fragment in 12-9 (maybe 1 per 10 plays). Have these basically gone the way of the dodo? They used to be pretty plentiful and now… any help is greatly appreciated

Agreed, Even i have been facing the same problem, kept searching almost all the province of season 1 and apart from regular generated flags I even used flask to explore more areas in same day but can hardly find it. Is it some kind of BUG.

Into your forges, :smile:

I have a midninght root shortage. Luckyly the fragments drop for me from time to time when I farm 7.4, 12.8 and atlantis map.

Elaine, I’ve had some pretty good luck with 6.8 for roots as well as several other items. I forage there for raw iron for tornadoes and seem to get roots every 2 or 3 plays…

I run 8-7.

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Sorry, I took all of them!

I’ve definitely looked in 8-7 and they actually used to be somewhat plentiful there… just poured another 42 flags into it and not a single fragment… on a side note: You obviously dont create much in mana or super mana if you have 500+ roots and almost 200 meteor frags… :wink:

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I too am stumped as to where they have all gone.

I’ve been farming 7-7, 8-7, and 8-5 with every WE I have had for the past 3 days. That’s over 100 flags a day. I have had exactly 4 meteorites to show for it. 3 flags per run. 30 runs a day. 120 total.

So are the odds of getting ONE seriously 1 in 30 runs?

Ugggh. Any help in a new farming location? Maybe they are only falling on the dark side of the moon now?!?


Am facing the same problem finding meteor fragments. Farmed season 1 again, got 3. Season 2 - they are simply not showing up at all for me. Many flags used. What’s going on?

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Hey ppl, did u have some news on Meteor Fragments? Can be S1 or S2 ! I’m in a drastic situation!

Please update here if u find good rates on :
Meteor fragments
Orichalcum Nugget
Dragon Bone
I got many Roots still on S1 8-7 / 7-7 - S2 11-6.

Season 2, 15-8 is actually pretty good with many items. Sadly, I cant say any S2 level is better at providing any one item than the next but 15-8 seems pretty good at providing a pretty solid variety

I am here stargazing too lol, waiting with my telescope for a meteor shower to descend so I can get more fragments

I just got some on S2 23, level 6 and level 7.


Good luck!

I farmed them from season 2, 2–2, and season 2, 2-9, I believe. I did a ton of lot tickets and I’ve got about 100 more of each than I did before. Mostly any level in season 2, province 2 seemed to provide them. I’ve only gotten to season two, province 4, though, so there may be a better place. Oh! I found a ton of roots there too, and ancient scrolls if anyone really needs those.

What is the deal with meteor fragments now? Why do they tell you your chances increase in a particular area but you farm for that particular item for a week straight and don’t end up with that item? It’s tough finding nuggets and now meteor fragments. This is incredibly frustrating and I should be able to get want I farm for. Is that too much to ask?

They are dropping like candy for me. Then again I do not have the ability to craft whatever it is that needs the fragments.

Where are you farming?

@Rebel8611 S1 7-4 for my monster chests. The only thing I even farm in season 2 are swords and backpacks. I just consider myself lucky because I even went to the recommended area for the fragments and they didn’t drop as reliably as when I was on 7-4. Before you fully declare 7-4 to work for you, do a test sample before fully deciding on 7-4.

Thank you. I never ever farm what they recommend as an improved chance. I think it’s totally ridiculous that they say your chances improve on certain stages and from my experience it never works that way.

I’ve been farming the magic night stages in s2 pretty much exclusively for the past month. I see quite a bit of meteor fragments, dragon bone and roots. The magic night stages are in provinces 4, 5, 6 and 21. I farm mostly in normal mode.