Where have all the 5* gone?

I am currently at level 32. I have spent quite a bit of money/Gems (as I am sure many players have). My issue is that I have only ever received 1 - 5* hero. I see all sorts of players at lower levels with full teams at 5*. I can’t help but feel slighted or, that there is an issue. I’m starting to think that spending isn’t worth it for me.

@Summit what a great question!! with the %of possible 5star already set at a ridiculously low amount, &tc 20s hardly ever producing a hero worth all those resources…when i see the teams with the maxed rare 5stars it often makes me wonder how many thousands of dollars were spent to get all those powerful toons! at 1% drop rate they brag of increased chances for special event heroes most of us will never know&it makes me ill. false advertisement there.

i have only recently had a few 5stars drop (did a 30pull atlantis summon to get 22 3star, 6 4* that i already had, &2 5s-1of which was quintus; only Atlantis hero received was 3*) &those few 5s i do have were all from elemental 10pulls-which give a 2.5% chance for 5s. in my 6weeks of running tc20 i did get 1 5star. ooh.

the last affront was my latest attempt to score vivica, which will never happen; in my 2nd 10pull of holy heroes i did receive 2 5stars-both the same. what kind of nonsense is this? why do i see these amazing teams with all these heroes that are virtually unattainable-&then get slaughtered by them regularly!

i will continue my search, albeit with much less $$ spent trying to find/train the impossible. if i ever find a random group of 5s hiding i will pass the info along. good luck 2u!

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My latest Dark hero summon I pulled 4 Cyprian in a row. My goodness

Some just don’t mind about leveling. They may play 6 months to reach lv30 or lower.
I’m c2p and after 4 months I have 3 Hotm, 4 S1 5*.
Btw, focus on 4* first, those 5* will come eventually and you found that you don’t have mats to ascend them.
Hope, in this game, will bring you disappoints.

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@Summit i feel your pain acutely! i was pretty peeved about my 2 leos, but 4 cyprians in the same draw?? thats almost obscene. i have surely had my fair share of multiples (ulmers-at least 15-thats the e&p name for getting an ulcer) &had to feed some duplicate 4star only b/c i had no use for 5 mels 6 kasshreks 7 li xius (&over a dozen of each 3star toon i had maxed already)- since i did some 10pull elemental summons for that extra 1% chance for 5s. &for months only got 3*&4*heroes i already had. it is a miserable system, but at least kno u dont suffer alone. if misery loves company, it found a home here…


Really, the odds are posted. For HOTM, it’s 1.3% chance. The odds are not posted for tc20, but based on research and data mining, it appears to be near 5%. Mine is about 4.5% but that’s well within statistical balance.

Some have the ability and desire to spend and try for the more rare heroes. Others do not. I’ve been around a while. Regarding HOTM, I have 3. Regarding Atlantis, I have 1. Regarding seasonal, I have 1. Regarding special events, I have 1. Regarding s1, I have all but Sartana, Azlar, Lianna, and Quintus. That includes 4 obakan’s.

And I play and I’m happy. Hope this helps some.


I am f2p player… maximize your 4 * heroes because they can make you compete with the 5 * team. I only have 1 hero 5 *, HOTM Grazul from 1 pull in Atlantis …

That is vague. 5*s can be quite expensive.

Those are just numbers on a screen… hard core reality is I got precisely 0 (zero) HOTM after 16 month of intensive game play… How many pulls did I do? Don’t know… but at those ods (1.3%) I definitely should have at least 5 HOTM… As for TC20, the ods might be better, that is so, but also you have a 50% better chance of getting a hero you already have… RNG, they say… of course is RNG, but some heroes probably have a better chance of showing than others. No other way to explain why I have 2 x Elkanen, 2 x Horghall, 3 x Kadilen, 2 x Isarnia, 2 x Azlar, while my only other 5* heroes are Domitia, Sartana and Elena… So, in theory I have 14 x 5* heroes, but in reality I only have 8… the rest are useless copies I’ll never ascend… Maybe the hero academy will give me a decent shot at training them into some useful heroes, who knows…

This is from @zephyr1 in a different thread, but useful for here. It takes quite a lot of pulls to have those 5 HOTM you refer to. I for one have 3. However, there are many who have a lot more. Knowing the odds is important. And note, there is no guarantee.

Some useful insights:

73 times out of 100, you’ll get a HOTM by pull 100
95 times out of 100, you’ll get a HOTM by pull 229
99 times out of 100, you’ll get a HOTM by pull 352

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LoL, LoL, I must be in the category

0,00000000001 times out in 100, you won’t get the HOTM, no matter how many pulls you do :wink: I’m definitely over 600 pulls by now… pull 352 is a distant memory…

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I’ve been playing almost 5 1/2 months. I recently checked my Google play account to see how much I spent and it was about $150 mostly on cheap gem deals and VIP and 1 3000 gem deal. Ive been really lucky with pulling 5*s. Since May Miki and Kingston are the only HOTM I don’t have. I’ve probably done under 100 Atlantis pulls(2 30s a 10 and the rest coins). Out of those I’ve got Tarlak, Drake(coin pull), Mitsuko(non-featured), Kage(non-featured), Ranvir(coin pull), Seshat and Grazul)

and how did you come up with that conclusion? rofl

1.3% chance, that should be 1 hero in 100 pulls, definitely over 500 pulls, no HOTM… If I pulled the HOTM today, less than 0.2% of my pulls would have resulted in HOTM… That’s not 1.3%…

even more…

Only 5* of any type I ever pulled was Sartana, last week, after 15 month of gameplay.

… and even more…

99% chance of HOTM before pull 352… No HOTM for me after way over 500 pulls… nevermind, I gave up all hope pulling 5*, long ago… I’m running multiple TC20 round the clock, so I don’t miss them… just saying I don’t believe for a moment those posted odds are true…

Purely FTP…and i have at 10 5* Heroes. Been playing for about a year now. Its all based on luck and the god of RNG…i have gotten like 4 5* from my tc 20…kadilen,isarnia,khagan and elena. My lucky Atlantis pulls have given me onatel,Khiona, 2 Ares, Mitsuko And Grazul. Cant complain much…

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I think what people seem to miss is the fact it’s not 1 in 100 pulls and YOU will get a 5*, it’s 1 in 100 and “SOMEONE” will get a 5*. At any given time you’re not the only person doing pulls, so unless you do 100 pulls all at once, the odds are actually much smaller than you think. It’s just like with slots at casino’s in that sense that it’s across the board, everyone spinning/pulling.

All people complaining does this wonderful or wonderfoul math:
1 pull–>1.3% then 100 pull–>130%.
guys, simply that’s not how chances work. it’s not additive. learn some numbers and save yourselves a ton of frustration.
P.S.: sorry for my barbaric English.


you apparently have no idea what a word chance means.

It’s not even that for every 100 “someone” gets a HOTM. It’s over the course of millions of pulls the AVERAGE will be 1.3 per hundred. You could take any given hundred and find 0 HOTM, or 1 HOTM, or 10 HOTM, or even (incredibly unlikely) 100 HOTM.

The one in 100 only makes sense as an aggregate of all the pulls.


You’re funny :grin:. You totally miss read my post… I wasn’t aiming at you, I even stated from the beginning that I think you mean well. And I used the word friend with the best intentions. I guess your hostility comes from the way you interpretrd my post… So let me make it clear for you. Yes, I posted about how bad drop rate are, in a thread called “Where have all the 5* gone”, and based on my personal experience (which is 1 (one) 5* hero in 15 month worth of summoning, this is a fact, so, yes, I’m entitled to think summoning odds are bad). Please feel free to quote me as to where have I at any time complained about the summoning odds. You can’t. Because I never did. I just stated some hard facts. And I’ll say again. I couldn’t care less about summoning 5*. If I did I wouldn’t be f2p, I would spend money on summons. That alone should be proof enough, if you won’t consider taking my word for it… Actually I’m not mad at all and have no intention what so ever to quit playing. I just don’t enjoy the

kind of reply. That’s what got me started. Not the 5* drop odds. Non of what you said in your original post bothered me at all, and I bet that the hostile tone of your second one came from the way you miss read my answer, thinking I was refering to you… sorry about that, but it wasn’t the case. I was refering to mr. Knowitall who’s under the impression I have no idea what the word chance means…

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