Where have all of the fire stones gone?

Title says it all. I’ve been on a shortage for a while now and I need defense banners for these GD 12* titans especially since my alliance gets 60%+ blue.

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I’ve run out too. And it takes multiples of them to craft items. Meanwhile I have 5000 common herbs and no idea what they’re supposed to be for.


Drop rates for items don’t vary over time, the just depend on where you farm. I’d recommend changing up your strategy to rely less on turtle banners. You can use dragon banners or mana potions with a defense buff hero for the same effect, and not be as reliant on firestones.

Turtle banners are just really nice to have. Every titan I bring axes and banners, the titan hardly scratches my heroes.

Turtle banners are much cheaper to make than dragon banners as well, apart from evidently the scarcity of fire stones

Agreed that turtle banners are MUCH cheaper material wise than dragon banners. Even with farming the right provinces I might get 4 out of my current 43 energy. There was a time I had over 1000 stones but they have since been used. Not sure what’s up but it seems that it might be a common problem.

Where is my titan hero
Where is my Wu Kong
Where is my red diamond
Where have all the fire tiles gone

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Don’t break my baby brother’s fingers so he can’t shake my hand

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