Where has the fun gone? Wars and raids more frustrating than fun these days

Not sure if it is just me and lockdown frustration but this game seems to be getting less and less fun.

Raids are crazy with 80% of boards stacked so heavily against me there are often only 5 tiles of the stacked hero colours I have. This isn’t a one-off and has become more and more evident these last few weeks where I barely get to fire an ult because even hitting a diamond generated more of the same.

As for wars my heroes/troops may as well not exist. In the time it takes to generate enough mana to fire an ult (in most battles I am lucky to fire off two max) the other team is firing ults after 2 moves and the damage they cause is unreal.

I’m not hugely inexperienced as have been playing over a year but I’m not daft. Even stacking a 4000 team against a 3700 in desperation the same thing happens.

Is this just the ranting of a tired man or have other people noticed the same?



This is a common complaint that crops up from time to time.
Personally, (and anecdotally I may add) it seems like whenever I stack mono red against a darn Telly tank I rarely get the red tiles I need. It was happening so often that I switched my Telly-Vela killing team to Kage-Kunch-Telluria-Evelyn-Kingston and have had much better success.
I’ve also noticed that the game tends to come in RNG waves, up then down. Sometimes the valleys last longer than the hilltops and it can certainly be frustrating.
Every once in a while though I go on pretty good raid win runs, hero pulls, or ascension mat drops.
It’s all maddeningly cylical.


Agreed, I notice it more once a new update has been pushed out - wonder if it is a tactic to get people to spend each time they have worked on new features. It does die down after a while but yes, the troughs seem to outweigh the highs.

I know this is a business but it takes almost all the fun out of the game when you know that most of what you do will result in you getting wiped out without even a fighting chance.



Ah, very nice… I don’t have any of those but I’ll try more greens when next I face off with Telly+Vela

Also, @simmomaz you’re not alone.

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It seems to work.
Unless the board is just awful, heck I’ve even dug myself out of a few holes. The key is getting the green fellas charged. Kage can lay down good supporting fire, and Kunchen is the “break-glass-in-case-of-emergency” type healer and washes away the nasty side effects. I’ll usually hold his special if I can help it.

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Sorry to hear your complaint perhaps changing your Alliance is on the cards rather than blaming the game ?It just might give you a fresh outlook . Good luck

Probably just confirmation bias.

When things go well, us humans tend to take the credit - “I played that well” or “fantastic team selection”, so we don’t remember that a fair chunk was probably good luck

When things go badly, for our own psychological safety, we tend to externalise the cause - “Gee that was a bad board” or “SG are just trying to screw me over”. All of this is very understandable

In this game, you need two things to have a good chance: a well chosen team of appropriate heroes to combat the defense, and boards which don’t suck. A little bit of board manipulation skill doesn’t hurt either. I’m not sure which of those things are hurting you right now, anything is possible

Today, first time in forever, I got six of six one shots in the war. I’d like to think it was all me, but randomness definitely helped me out.

My advice is make peace with it, and try to remember your good luck days too.


personaly I also think that the game has updated its AI so now they punish the mono players more than ever. If you got really fed up with the game, don’t push yourself. usually after 3-4 hours break your so-called “luck” will come back to you. Anyway that’s not “luck”. That’s just the AI program anyway. They often changes from “Chuck Norris” difficulties to “easy potato” at random


I think you are having a bad string of luck that will change. Recently I have faced lots of Telluria tanks in raids and the teams have ranged from 4k TP to 4600, some with +18 to +20 emblems, and I am only in the 2400-2650 cup range. I wish they would fine tune raid matching so that I am not facing that high of TP opponents. I have gone strictly mono except my 6th war attack and it has been fun. Maybe try something new to you, mono or 3/2 or something else.


I fought this team today.

It’s not that they switched the coding or RNG got worse - it’s that teams that were filled with 4/80 heroes last year now have 4/80+20 gen3 heroes this year

Ps- no shaming here, this team kicked my butt.


Nice, I use Vanilla but maxed costume Boldtusk +12, Gormek +9, Guardian Falcon +7, Grazul 3/70, and Marjana +7. Best I have and a little cheaper to use emblems. I have some success but it really comes down to getting 4-6 tiles on Telluria before they fire.

I’ve actually been having a better win-rate-vs-telly-tank with this green team. The reds are sooo dependent on Grazul firing before Vela, but with North and Tely I can take some hits and lose heroes and North makes things better.


Those are five heros I do not possess haha


What bothers me is I rarely win because of good decisions and I rarely lose because of bad decisions. Most of the time, I don’t get to make decisions. That’s why my biggest complaint is not that I’m unlucky, it’s that the game relies too much on luck. I rarely have fun because I feel like I don’t contribute to my victory nearly as much as the tiles on the board. The most contribution I make is choosing who to bring on the field (dispeller vs. Boril, cleanser vs Colen etc.). I can hardly incorporate combos because I rarely have several players charged up, and if I wait with a charged hero to time the special, that hero rarely survives by the time it’s needed.

I’ll go against a much better team and get a cascade of tiles wipe out the other team.
Then I’ll go against another team and can’t get two tiles to rub together. My team gets wiped before I ever get a chance to fire. I get to have 2-3 competitive games out of 10, the rest is luck. I started playing fast rainbow teams. Healers are usually normal speed, so I tuck them under Hildi who boosts their mana speed or at least keeps them alive while they’re charging up. Mana speed has become the ticket for me, and for someone with no mana troops yet, it’s a pain.

Here’s my question: what percentage of damage do you think you’re making with tiles vs specials? Matching tiles is hardly ever a matter of wit while utilizing specials usually requires more finesse. Maybe if they lowered tile damage, lower number of tiles required to charge mana, and make the color of caster/target matter during specials, it would shift the balance more towards conscious decisions that dumb luck. Just an idea.

Well, since Telluria / Vela, I have to admit, the fun has gone down a lot. Not because they’re hard to take down, but because they’re everywhere… soon as you pass 2600 re-rolling basically becomes useless… every team that gives you a good cup ratio has the same base ingredients: Finley, GM, Telly, Vela, Fong, or other variations on the same theme… not to mention top 10…


I think that with TP creeping higher and higher that a new raid tier could get created, and the range of cups of opponents you face should get smaller and smaller the higher up you go. That would make it a little more competitive.


I think part of the issue is that there are so many events now, it feels like you can’t miss anything.

Those of us who are cheap or free players generally will have issues facing players in the highest raid tier, if we can get there. So in some ways, dialing back one’s expectations helps. I’ve found that not striving to stay in Platinum has helped immensely. I will glad drop to Gold, and work my way back up as needed.

I do think they need a tier above Diamond.

That’s a consequence of running rainbow. Stack same colours of the same speed and you’ll have combos ready to go.

I run mono and every team has at least 3 heroes ready to fire at fast speed after 3 matches. I have a yellow team that will be entirely ready to fire after 6 tiles when it’s complete.

Speed is king right now. When I face Ursena tanks I’m always of the mindset, “okay, let’s race” - especially when i run a yellow mono team against her.

My tile damage is only there to kill the tank. Anything else is a bonus. Specials are designed to kill 2 heroes or more on first charge.

It’s a race. Go fast or go back to your stronghold


Running a rainbow actually makes is easier for me. I used to color stack. The reason I’m going rainbow is because when I stack, my board is usually full of color I don’t have, this happens way too often. And by the time I clear the board of all the garbage, the defending team is full of mana. Stacking is all or nothing, and in my case, it’s usually nothing. Rainbow lets me at least charge somebody.

Also, the combos I like require players of different colors. I like firing Boldtusk, then Mist and Burt (order depends if I want to focus damage on 3 targets or one), plus a sniper if I have one ready. Most of the time, just buff and shoot or a debuff and shoot is available, but snipers are usually fast and buffers are normal. So I have Kelile waiting on Boldtusk, and by the time I find another 3 reds to match, Kelile is taking a dirt nap. The opponents are gaining mana way too fast.


Tile luck comes and goes. I just faced two Tell teams and here is how both started. I won both.

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