Where does the 20% stat bonus in defense come from?

I’ve seen this number being thrown around in the forum (and even quote it myself), but I can’t confirm it in-game.
Supposedly defense team get a 20% stat bonus to make raids fair.
If you check their stats before and during fights it’s indeed higher in battle, but not by 20% and it might just be the troop bonus.
So what’s the origin of that number? And Is it actually displayed in game or a shadow number?

It’s a shadow number which is not shown in the game. But we know that DoT damage increases with attack stats. So this was first noticed when the DoT damage of the same hero in attack and defense did not match each other. And eventually, from damage formula players figured out that the attack and defense stats of the hero gets a 20% hidden boost.


Yes I verified by checking my JF on offense vs seeing him on def of a raid done on my defense. At that time my JF was doing 326 DoT over two turns and with attack troop at +21% attack it was total of 394 over two turns. However seeing him on def he was doing 234 a turn for roughly 468 total. Taking the original 394 times 20% and adding that number to 394 gave 472 which is approximate to the 468 I saw on defense.


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