Where do you use your 3/70 5*


That’s seriously impressive.

I don’t think i’ll ever be that good; time to feed my +20 legendaries to Aife and shutdown forever… :grinning:


The stats of those 5* at 3.70 are around the same like a maxed 4* (at least older 4* heroes, newer ones definitely have better stats).

So if you have some unemblemed unlimit broken 4* heroes you can use them and get a somewhat similar feeling in your battles.

Of course the biggest advantage a max 4* over a 3.70 5* has you can give it emblems and limit break making them far better stats wise.

Some examples:

The rest is team composition and thoughtful playing the boards. But against top defenses its still incredibly difficult either with 4* or 5* at 3.70.


I know that, I’m over 3 years into the game. it’s still impressive though, I can’t imagine playing in war with unemblemed 4*, though 5* have better special skills in general, what is of course absolutely logical.


I am not so sure… I actually don’t go out of my way to find use cases for heroes that are deemed unworthy, it is more that if I don’t agree with that assessment I like to present an alternate viewpoint so that not everyone makes their individual decisions based on skewed word of mouth. Knowing how most heroes do have a use I do try to find the best in all heroes, particularly ones I summon, but I still fail at times (hello Salmon Loki, Shale, Reuben…).

I think what you do is completely weird, and totally fantastic at the same time. I could never do it. I play with heroes I like at 3/70 for a month or 2 months until I can get them to their max potential and it is a moment of joy whent it happens. I ran Lord Loki and Alfrike in a team both at 3/70 for a couple of months. I know just how much of a difference those last 80 levels and 19 emblems make because I could see how many times one of those 2 heroes would die early, resulting in a loss. The lesser damage of Lord Loki also mattered, although to a much lesser extent.

How many mats have you accumulated? I would love to see some videos of how you play. I am sure you have refined your hero configurations and boardplay to a very high level. When you finally give in it would be quite a sight to see to what level your play is elevated.



That’s awesome!


Are they all at max special? It would drive me nuts if I had 3/70 with 6/8 special.


This is why I truly appreciate your opinion. When starting this game I always went to the “grading” of heroes and made my decision that way. There’s enough of “this hero is worthless” on the internet, but so rarely is that true. Acending a hero should be based on the individual’s needs and other heroes that pair well with the potential ascendee.

You’re alright @Homaclese, keep being you.


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