Where do you use your 3/70 5*

Is there any use of 3/70 5* heroes? I have 2 accounts that looks like this

I guess it all depends on how deep your bench is. I use mine on Tower events, Tavern, and my 5th and 6th war team, and blue titans (Have Fogg and Rat at 3/70).

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Tower and Tavern events. They don’t see real playing time. I use them in Tavern so I don’t use someone else, but often don’t even need them. In Ninja Tower, I use them over some 3 stars in early levels.

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My 3/70 5* heroes leave the bench only for Tavern of legends, and for the early stages of Ninja Tower.
With Magic Tower and 5 curses for Druid,Cleric, Sorcerer and Magicians I doubt they will see action, especially now when costumes and basic heroes are counted as different entities.

Happy gaming


I have a pretty deep bench, but I use 3/70 heroes all the time, if I like the cut of their jib.

I ran a maxed Elradir with 3 3/70 Elradirs in raids, and the occasional war hit.

I ran a 3/70 Alfrike and a 3/70 Lord Loki in raids and wars for something like 2 months.

I have been running a 3/70 Chakky in raids and war for about a month now.

Of course they die more easily, but if their special is not primarily damage causing and they serve a useful functional - or if they are fun to play with - I will often run that risk.


I’ve always leveled 4* rather than 5* I don’t have mats to complete, unless the mats are close.

So now I have 50 fully leveled 4* :scream: some highly emblemed that are very useful in raids and war (I only have 25 fully leveled 5*). 4* are at least useful in epic events and tourneys where the 3.70 5* are not allowed. They level up relatively quickly and at this stage of the game (over 2 years) I have gazoodles of 3* mats

Now that I am not buying summons I find myself leveling 5* to 3.70 just out of boredom… Feeding mostly from feeders earned from map stages and letting training camps and grey tokens accumulate… :woman_shrugging:


I think that you have great bench, having heroes at 370 gives you the opportunity to test heroes and decide whom to give the mats when they come around :wink: I also rather level up 5 at 3x70 than adding another 4* maxed hero with no emblems; and they really serve purpose when you use them in mono for wars or raids, I normally have 3 fully leveled and 2 at 3x70 in mono…and it has worked well for me :slight_smile: Ofcourse you have far more at 3x70 than I do :wink: Soon or later if you are consisten, you’ll get them all maxed

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Mythic Titans (20 characters)

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Non dupe 3.70 are for test before ascended.
And dupe 3.70 are if the maxed one are spectaculer and or worth utility support or fun.

Utility like Miki/Tarlak/Gazelle/Ratatoskr/Gergorian/Elemental defdown heroes, etc for Mythic Titan.
Other use are for Tavern and NInja/Magic Tower.


I have the costumes of both Vivica and Leonidas. The 3-70 dupes are useful for a 2nd Holy war team against Purple tanks and Alfrike/Bera/Freya teams.


I don’t have many heroes on 3.70 and I never use the few I have.

First of all I normally don’t lvl more than one 5* hero per color if I can’t ascend them or close before ascension. I will pretty much always lvl a 3* or 4* first because those I can use for tournaments and events. Especially for towers or something like that having more good 4* is far more helpful than a few mediocre 5* at 3.70.

My normal Modus is whoever I think is worth in a color will get lvled to 3.70.
There I will test him and if I like him he will get maxed when I get the 12th mats and until that 12th mats comes I’m lvling 4*.
After he is maxed I will choose the next worthy 5* bring him to 3.70 and repeat the process.

When some are on 3.70 and I don’t like them, they will stay there, but I don’t see any reason to use these heroes. They are not good enough to get ascended, so why should I bother with those for me not good heroes when I have dozens of 4* heroes I like better.

At the moment I’m lvling Richard, Kagan and neith. So when they are done I will choose some other heroes in this color and bring them to 3.70. In green kadilen is already there I’m just waiting for 2 more tonics. Only dark I don’t really know what to lvl.

maybe I should add, that I don’t have great dupes. I can absolutely see the reason to bring another miki, tarlak or great def down to 3.70 for myth Titan or some heroes with spectacular skill for war depth.

Some 5* are more usable at 3.70 than others. I have for example Guardian Chameleon and Ratatoskr at 3.70 because they do what they need to do and the only benefit of maxing would be more survivability; they’re both fairly sturdy anyway. Miki is another such, although I did max mine. However, most snipers don’t hit their stride until the fourth ascension, and obviously tanks need to be as tough as you can make them. So it depends on a few things.

I do like giving my 3.70s a run out sometimes just because I can; lower level titans, Towers, Tavern, light farming, and the occasional war clean-up. Sometimes it helps make my mind up as to who deserves the mats when I get enough of 'em.


Miki is usable at 3/70 on Titans under certain level. I guess I could put second one on 3/70 just for Mythic Titans. Some other utility heroes may pass as well.

In general heroes with specials depending a lot on stats are not that useful on 3/70 (mainly snipers, AoE damagers, tanks, DoT-based heroes). Heroes such as (de)buffers (Gazelle, Hel, healers) are not as prone to this, though for healers you want them to last too.

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Everywhere :wink:

(All of my 5* are 3/70, or on their way to be)

Obviously I’m kinda in my own league tho, but depending on who you’ve got maxed, they’re great for rounding out rosters for things like NT, MT, or even certain tournies. & If they’re most/all you have, they truly will come in handy everywhere, especially for things like war.

Certain SS are relegated to only 5* too, so sometimes when ya lack the mats, they’re still your best option.


You don’t count :joy:

Ascend one and I’ll let you back in the club :wink::wink::wink::wink:


May i ask why…?


Why are you so adamant at finding use cases for heroes deemed lesser [than]?! It’s [probably] in a similar vein…

Because it’s interesting seeing what’s possible, or what can happen, when you play outside the given “norm”; it’s both informative, and fun, and can be found to be quite enlightening for you and others around you if given the chance :relaxed:

(We’ve all got our own ways we like to play)

However, to be a lil more specific:

  1. I get to play with all of my heroes (and much quicker too, since they only have to go to 70)
  2. I’m able to complete/compete in all things just fine (all map stages/quests, 14* titans, Top 300 alliance, place well in CE, Top 5k in NT, Top 1%/5% in Tournies, Top 1% in MT, etc)
  3. No regretful uses of mats
  4. I’m indecisive :joy:
  5. When I’m finally sick of playing the way that I do, I’ve got all of my mats just sitting there, waiting to be used; it’ll totally invigorate my play [from what I’m used to]
  6. I enjoy a good challenge, and playing with weaker heroes vs all things is definitely that
  7. It’s made me a better player (least, where the board is concerned)
  8. It’s what I’m used to; been playing like this for over three years now :sweat_smile:

I’m level 90 in the game, and I have yet to use any form of 4* mats, emblems or LB. Seeing if I can at least make it to 100 before finally breaking down (cuz I’m sure it’ll eventually happen, right?!) :joy:

In short because:

It’s what I enjoy :relaxed:

If it's any consolation, or helps one understand the way my mind works:

I played Pokemon Go for years before finding E&P, and all that while - only one level away from the final 40 - I never joined a team. Click on a gym? Restart the game immediately. Hand-helds? I wouldn’t advance whatsoever til all of my Pokemon were at an equal level; it was agonizing. Monopoly? No houses or apartments allowed :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: & That’s just what comes to mind lol

I’m a creature of habit, just, really peculiar habit…

Blame it on the brain :no_mouth:


I remember that you play with 3.70 5* only. However this is the first time I’ve seen your 5* roster.


I think a good time to start maxing your 3.70s would be when limit breaks go to level 90. Then 80 will be a step behind the curve again.

You must laugh though, when people get in a major froth over shortage of 4* mats, and how can a person possibly play this XXXX game without tomes of tactics…

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The question is, how can you play efficiently with them? They are weaker than maxed versions, so on a bad board, I just don’t see how can you win in offense. But you explained everything in your other post, so I’m officially mind blown :exploding_head:. But with that many unique 5* heroes, it might be possible somehow… I have no idea how, but that’s the mystery for most of us reading your post, I think.


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