Where do trophies come from? Really

I checked the wiki, and it says we all start with 0 as in zero. This makes no sense.

When a mommy trophy and a daddy trophy love each other very much…


Your alliance needs to have a chat with you.

You really don’t know, do you?

Snarky replies to a legit question…imo.
Why would I be raided 17 times in one day by level 20 and much less ppl…AND 500-1000 points less than my team? I put low lvl team to defend my storage…nothing stolen but cups! I REVENGE”…and lose? WHAT IS THE KEY?

Either start a new thread or ask troll at Line ID DiceTroll

Umm…ok…since I’m new at these “thread” forum resources I would appreciate more specific direction :slight_smile: I merely want to know the “strategy “

On the topic: if you figth 0 cups vs 0 cups you still win 30 cups.


I think it’s about one extra trophy for winner. It’s always 61 trophies total (for exapmle 31 for winning and -30 for loosing) with equal cups. So when I win 31 cups I think that enemy loose 30 cups. So every win generates 1 extra cup to the trophy pot.

I’m not sure, it’s only hypotesis :slight_smile:

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Let me stay to the topic, first. If I have no cups and I fight a guy with no cups, it means I win some?

I will ask any really new guys raiding to please report.


If you cannot start a “new topic”, then use search for “raid strategy”, or if you are in an alliance, ask in alliance chat, or get Line app at app store for free and ask off-forum.

They come from the land of trophy.
A happy place filled with marshmallows and Jagermeister.


If you fight someone with your same trophy score you’ll gain trophies, be it at 2900 or at 0

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The only source of trophies I know is , the stage of every Province , you raid someone they don’t loose trophies and they don’t revenge you !!!

Long ago, before Zero era when E&P gods were alive.
There were a people of Trophies kingdom.
They were titans of that era, and they fought E&P gods but the lose.
As a punishment Gods of E&P doomed them to be in the Raids system. As a reward of all the seekers of glory.
Then the Zero era comes, Heroes like @Xero786 and @Anchor have come, and Trophies had been collected by them.
And the legend keeps growing till you have come @Bud to wonder, where Trophies comes from.
Its an old secret, but I had to uncover the dust of history of it just for you now.


Actually 31…

Edit: Actually I’m not so sure, I might be wrong…

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Hmmm… just crossed my mind… here is a legitimate question… If you fight someone with an identical number of trophies, who gets the “+1”? Who gets 31 and who gets 30? Attacker or defender? Or, does anybody? Could it be a 30 - 30 ratio in case of identical trophy number for both players?

From coding.

Same as the other in game stuff.

As for where they come from within the game Idk. Maybe the Trophy CareBear came down from the clouds over our stronghold and planted the trophies next to our watch towers

I loved the less than serious answers. But serious math answers:

Where I am now, trophies aren’t created or destroyed, as any time I win or lose a raid, the number of cups I win is the same as the number my opponent loses (or vise-versa)

If we were both at a (way) lower point in cups, and the loser could (mathematically) drop below zero, the winner still gets full reward, and the loser doesn’t go negative, which (in effect) creates cups.

So every time a new player with zero cups starts raiding, overall cups are created. Also any time an old player cup drops to zero and loses a few raids there. (Which is why I believe I’ve heard people tell me that it used to be possible to get to #1 with ~2700 cups, but now it often takes 3000+ cups)

Conversely, when a player with >0 cups quits the game, those cups would be destroyed.

It appears that the cup economy is growing, albeit very slowly.

How about this then…

Glitch in the matrix


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