Where do Kadilen fit into?

I have Kadilen for some time now. I haven’t find any usefulness in her so she just sits at 1/1 tier. Where is she good? Low damage, nice special but still lacking. I am currently ascending Caedmon to tier 4. I am thinking to do her next or aegir, both seem pretty subpar but they are the only 5* ice and nature heroes I got. What to do.

I really wish I hadn’t maxed her. She needs an enemy debuff or something.

She’s an annoying flank hero on raid defense. Might be good to bring on attack against those drake, gravemaker, elkanen, thoth-amun teams. Or against the Azlar, Isarnia combo teams.

But those seem to be the situations she is useful in. Zeline is several times better than her.

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Kadilen was my first 5*, so I have a soft spot for her in my heart because she gave me so much joy at the time. Now, she sits on my bench getting dusty; I’m truly unsure of her purpose and where she can be the most useful. I know I read a post saying she can really shine if she’s flanking Guin, though, I don’t know how accurate that is since that was the first nice thing I’ve read about Kadilen since joining this forum lol. I guess she’s only good for making specials less intense, so if there are some that are more problematic for you than others, she’d have a place there. Fast mana attack on all could be nice paired with Isarnia too, after everyone’s defense is lowered and then you fire her special to strike. Idk though, I haven’t quite figured it out either but I hope to.

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Hi im new to the forum, sorry for my english.
I also have Kadilen, mine is at 3/70. She is my only green 5*, so she helps me quite a bit. Today TC20 just gave me Elkanen and I also just got my 6th tonic on Shrikewood. Who is the better one of them both?

Short answer: Alberich, Zeline and probably Evelyn (hotm december)

I didn’t have any use for Kadilen for months. Then I noticed: AoE and fast. Now she a regular member of my 8/7-farming-team. Although I think she will never get shields, because tier II is enough.

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She is so far down on the list of 5* heroes. She was buffed a bit, adding a turn of duration to her special shield, but she is still underwhelming (okay at farming, but you don’t need 5* for that).

My big issue is her shield only defends against the upfront damage from a special. That was solid against the Classic heroes, like Thorne, Lianna, and Quintus, where direct damage was the big pain. The trend is moving towards status ailments (damage over time, blinds, etc.) but Kadilen’s shield does nothing there. Against Natalaya and Lady Locke, Kadilen’s shield is literally meaningless.

I would like her shield to be buffed up to address status ailments in some way. Two options I’ve thought about:

  1. Reduce the effect of the status ailments by X%. If we use X=74% to match her shield %, then each effect’s impact is reduced by 74%. For example, Horghall’s -34% attack becomes a -9% effect (34*(1-74%)).
  2. Provide a chance to dodge the ailment altogether. Probably a lower chance than 74%; say, 33%.

I think a large amount of the TC20 heroes could use a buff to bring them into the modern age.

If it were me deciding, I would make her special skill last 5 or 6 turns and boost a couple of her stats

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Nice. Never thought about that! I will level her up to rank 2 after I finish Gregorian.

Definitely a great use for farming. I use her, drake 3/70, obakan 3/70, GM and misandra for farming.

I leveled Kadilen to 3/70 just to try out that shield. As already said, she is nice for farming, but imo that should not be the idea behind a 5* hero.

I tried her for weeks and even with perfect preparation and use of her shield (which was fun to cast in the right moment) she was useless compared to 4* healers. Just too mediocre in everything.

Then I remember Sand Empire event came with opponents preventing healing (status ailment not removable) and I thought Kadilen would make a difference, but in the end 4* healers with Time Stop outperformed her by far.

I doubt acending her to 4/80 let’s her catch up esp. from what I am reading in the forum.

Kadilen would find a niche on attacks if e.g. the shield was shorter, but much more powerful. Really interesting to play then.
Or she could be useful on defense if the shield lasts much longer (but that seems to me comparably boring).