Where do I get 2 star troops?

Any advice to get on the map, 2-star troops more easily? They are for training my troops of 4

The troop drops are random. There’s some speculation that higher level provinces have a better chance of giving 2* feeder troops, but I don’t know if there’s any hard data to prove or disprove that.

@BarryWuzHere @Garanwyn @gregschen Care to comment, since you’ve been looking at a giant pile of data on that?

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Its random. But I used to get them on alternate basis farming s1 p22 and above using VIP loot tickets.
Btw, I’ve got more than eighty 1 * troops of each element. Not sure on how to get rid of 'em.

I would strongly suggest 8-7.
Farm it 24/7.
You will never get more troops anywhere else.
I swear.

you will get less frustrated not to get a troop here than anywhere else


I agree.

Atlantis Rising

During Atlantis Rising this may change if rumors are true and it costs 4 world energy ( +33% energy versus 1.8-7 ) for +50% troops.



( Barry Farmz Here -- Comprehensive data driven farming guide )


The 7 world energy stages:

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he mountain of data I’m looking at has troops as a yes/no thing, not saying whether they are 1* or 2*, but some of the contributed data started with a lot more data on troops (and heroes). I’ve found a couple patterns looking at it.

  1. All troop drops appear to be ~75% 1* / ~25% 2* Hero drops appear to be the same 75/25 mix.

  2. Troop drop rates appear to be constant across the map PER RUN. Which means that troops/WE drop off inversely as WE increases.

In other words, @Pois1 is correct–you won’t find better troop drops than 8-7 anywhere else. But I’d note that you should find the same troop drop rate in all of season 1, provinces 5~8, (Also provinces 1~4, but it isn’t a good place to farm, and consequently my data is thinner and so is my confidence.)

Hero drops are different–the rate appears to increase with WE across the map, although not quite as fast as WE increases if I recall correctly.


Regarding the heroes.
23-11 is the place to go for them.
Huge drops. Once I got 11 heroes for 7 loot tickets.


There is no limit on storage, so you could just keep them.

But you will be getting a lot more since ratio appears to be 3:1 for 1* / 2* troops ( like 3* / 4* ascension items. see Notes ).

Perhaps feed them to a 2* troop for Challenge events and Tourneys.


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