Where did the materials go?


Since version 15.1.0 has become impossible to find the material for the construction of weapons … in map 1 it is difficult to find midnight roots, hardwood lumber, grimoire dust and other objects 4 *.
also in map 2 with 6 or 10 energies there is little material.
have the percentages of the materials been lowered?
orlafede in game Fede l’Achimista


I average between 3 and 5 midnight roots an 5 to 7 metal ones per 9 flags at 8-7. I’ve got up to 5 metal ore and 3 midnight roots per 10 flags on s2 3-3 hard mode.


8.7 wont give me nothimg… 42 energie flags for only 3 grimoire dust and 0 4* objects


4 star are very rare but I do on occasion get bones and nuggets there. My forge is just now almost 14 so I have not yet begun to utilize the fairly large piles of 4 star mats I have accumulated.


Did No one notice that?