Where did the fine gloves go to?

It’s winter and I need gloves. Fighting 7* and 8* titans and just look at the pictures. I can ascend every colour as you can see. Had 1 pair off gloves that I bought from the calendar.

So my question where are the gloves. My fingers are frozen…


I’ve received overall two times as much compasses as fine gloves, so you have my sympathy.

Where are the fine gloves???

Currently I have 38 fine gloves and 37 compass. It might just be an exception, but it has been fairly equal for me.

I started with this account in the beginning off August. With my other account I started earlier and I have enough also. So it’s for the last months there are no gloves

Hmm… I started in the beginning of September.

Anyone else singing the title of this thread to the Van Halen song, “Where did all the good times go?” LOL

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They were definitely getting scarce. I noticed in the last challenge event that there were no fine gloves in any of the reward packages for any tier. Since then I seem to be getting more (the xmas special helped), but maybe I just ran into some good luck.

Could just be random honestly.

Without religious tracking we’re never going to know; my alt only started I think a month after my main but my main has plenty of gloves and my alt has zero currently with stuff in the pipeline. Part of that is I did make some trainer’s tools purchases early on my main and still pickup Nature packs (cause shields) which also have gloves in them.

On the flipside both accounts experience a dearth of sturdy shields. Still want that damned Alchemy Lab, anything to address the gnarly and nasty RNG that is the loot table in this game.

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Same problem here. Gloves are the main thing holding up several of my heroes. The only ones I’ve seen recently were on yesterday’s calendar.

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Used over ten compass and gloves, and still have 13 and 16 of them.
Never thought that someone may have problems to get them.


I also snatch gloves whenever they show up on Rare Quests.

After ascending a bunch of heroes, I still have 7 gloves…42 boots for comparison.

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Gloves don’t drop from the map my friend :slight_smile:

Chainmail, scabbards, boots, battle manual.

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Gah! You’re right, it was chainmail.


Rare Quests! Rare quessssts!

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I have 13 compasses and 0 gloves. Same situation as Arie.


Started playing in august: 7 compasses, 2 gloves. And that’s just because I bought a pair (of gloves) in the winter calendar. 10 heroes waiting/stuck on lvl 60, trying to figure out who to give gloves…

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Look everyone - your b*tching has been answered by a rare quest with fine gloves LOL


I kid I kid…but I need a pair as well so happy to see it.

But, this is twice someone has complained and magically the item shows up in short order.


As @sleeperZ96BT says, Farholme Pass quest is up! Gloves and Tome of Tactics are the prizes!

Oké. That’s 1 pair. Only 14 to go. Vivica is going up. Let’s see in this week what will happen.

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In similar situation. 9 compasses and 0 gloves (until todays quest!). Last event had compasses for completion rewards so a few were from there, my guess is next months Knights of the Round will bring us Fine Gloves as completion rewards to even it out. Here’s to hoping!

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Same here. 10 compasses, 0 gloves. Have 8 heroes all just waiting for gloves… Thank you for the rare quest with gloves! More gloves to the people!!