Where did the counter before war matching go?

It was really useful stuff, but this war only showed after matching was done.

Also, unused war flags, at the beginning were logical - show how many are unused for each member. Now it’s zero immediately after war ends, and makes post war analysis hard again.

Can someone ( @Petri ) confirm if this two things are a bug or a feature you forgot to mention in update?

I checked alliance chat, it goes back more than 2days, but no system message about war matching.

Counter was on the war tab, never as a system message. At least, those few times it existed.

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I definitely want to be able to see unused flags at the end… and PUNISH accordingly!!

I haven’t seen you for a while @RedPython. Hope you’re well.

Gah. I have way too many screen shots of Empires.

I am almost positive I have a screen show of the system message in alliance chat announcing war matching in 24 hours.

P.S. I have not been able to change my war defense team between war battles, was that rolled back?

* Players can edit their war defense team anytime outside an active battle. ( linky, linky)

My alliance definitely had the countdown to matching visible on the war tab before this war.

@Gryphonknight you get a system message that prep has begun (after matching phase) in chat, but never had a ‘24 hours to matching’ one, there’s usually only around 36 hours between one war ending and matching/prep for the next beginning.

We haven’t. At least not 24h ago last night when I checked before sleep, and when I woke up, it already was counting down until war.

Great :smiley: Founding and alliance and teaching people takes a lot of time, and brings a lot of joy for me.

Basically I peek here for update info and to check bugs :rofl:

I don’t want to punish, I just want to part ways with players who doesn’t share gameplay that majority wants and I want :slight_smile:
Also, to see if someone needs a nudge in some direction eg ‘opt out of week wars, it’s perfectly ok, what isn’t is not fully participating’, for example. Or to help with confidence, skills and so.

Useful for new members, since I usually gather several at once, analysis helps to see who is really a fit and who isn’t.

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Absolutely. That’s good leadership for a happy alliance.

@RedPython Here’s a thread about the flags disappearing after the war ends. Petri has stated this will be fixed in the next release. That was posted 7 days ago so ‘the next release’ was actually the last release, but that’s probably a dev-brain timing thing :grin:

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update about counter before matching, one member did see it, however I didn’t, so I assume it wasn’t like 27ish h before war but shorter, so let’s assume that I wasn’t paying enough attention.

This last release was probably already in Apple’s queue.

So he probably meant the next release they send to Apple. Or another problem pushed this one down the list. Or they couldn’t find the bug. Or,…

The life of a community manager. ( sends premium drinking chocolate to Petri ).

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Oh yeah, forgot about having to send updates to Apple, etc. I’m used to dealing with in-house development so no timelines from other companies.

I do know that we lock down the code after QA testing and it’s not touched again. That’s typically several days before the scheduled release. I can imaging SG has similar protocol.


Countdown to matching appears 7-8 hours, it’s not 9 and it’s longer than 6 hours 36 minutes, ( probably 8 hours) before matching begins so a small window.

Easy to miss if you are sleeping.

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