Where did I go wrong? Ascension Advice

My dear fellows!
We all know this game hardly ever gives us what we want or need. From the very beginning of my career in E&P I’ve had enormous trouble with getting fine gloves. It felt like I got under someone’s skin and they were like “no gloves for this lady!”. All I could do a while ago was wait and bring my heroes to 3.60 in the meantime.
And because of that I feel like I’m way behind other players at my level (43) with many heroes at 3.60 and not enough maxed heroes for wars.
Currently I have 4 fine gloves but don’t know what to do now. Should I focus on my 5* heroes, finish some of my 4* heroes and then go for 5*, finish all of my 4* heroes cause I’ve already invested time, resources and feeders, even though some of them are not appealing anymore.
What would you suggest? Have you ever felt that way?
See below my roster and materials so you know what I can and what I can’t do.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

Question 1… Sorry but why isn’t Rigards costume maxed?

That should definitely be priority #1


I would also max Grimm and Hansel at very least before shifting focus back to the 5*.


You need to work on your 4*. I would level Grimm, Hansel and Sabina before thinking on another 5* project.


If you’re not throwing F-you money at the game, you probably want to focus on getting six full teams of 4s and only ascend 5s when convenient. You’ll be using 4s for a long time, even against 5-star teams, they take less time and materials to level, and give you some time to build up ascension materials while making it easier to get them.


Rigard was my very first 4* hero but it took some time to get his costume. I got him from the latest chamber portal :slight_smile: I wanted to max Wu Kong first, but this costume is high on my list

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I would probably do Rigard Costume before Wu in all honesty, you will use him a lot more, challenges, raids, events, wars… But I am kind of bias towards Rigard. I have very bad luck and experiences with Wu Kong, so I try avoid him at all costs.

Plus the Costume for Rigard will level up faster than Wu Kong


@Rosemary your level in the game doesnt matter. Your ability to progress is a function of how frequently you open up your mission chests (2x per day for the monsters and raids or just 1x), what titan tier your loot is from, and how often you open up alliance war chests. Being in an active alliance makes a huge difference.

Frequently opening mystic visions also helps.

The other way to get the materials you need is completing the challenge events and then competing for loot tier on the tracks where you can. And also competing in the raid tournaments.

Roster wise: build out really good 3* teams to compete in events and tournies and worry about 5* later on when you have materials for them.


Thank you :slight_smile:
I fill 2 chests a day almost every day. If it comes to titans I’m in a grade A most of the times, sometimes A+, hardly ever B. We fight something around 9* titans. We win most of our wars. I have no problem with rare quests, path of valor or tavern of legends. I participate in every tournament and finish every challenge event with satisfying results.
The only thing that bothers me is that I don’t have many maxed heroes. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’m failing at wars but I feel I should do better. I wonder if it was a mistake to bring so many heroes to 3.60 with no intention to max them. If no - should I max them all so resources are not completely wasted?
I lacked gloves but perhaps I shouldn’t have leveled up 5 heroes (1 of each color) at the same time and just focus on those I was sure about.

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I dont understand what is wrong? if you have materials and you have heroes, then go ahead and max them? you have a couple of 5* hero costumes, I would definitely max them considering they dont even need rare ascension materials and they max quickly. If you feel you need to max 4* heroes, then do that first but be careful to avoid obsolete 4* heroes like Gormeck where there is a hero of the same color with the same function that is simply better, Wilbur in this case.

I would max Mireweave, Peters, Hansel and Wilbur right away if I were you! Plus Rigard’s costume. Peters and Hansel make a pretty sweet pair. Put them with c Rigard, Proteus and c Tibs and you have a nice 3:2 mana control combo in the 4* rush tournaments.


Good discussion. I have felt this way at times. Just commenting here to follow this.

I will say, Rigard’s costume should be first. I have 15 5s at different levels, and I have, and will keep, Rigard on my top line and defense. He is awesome on a lot of levels.

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You ask where you went awry. To the extent that you have (it isn’t bad), it’s probably a lack of focus.

I recommend prioritizing one hero of each element and leveling them up until they are maxed, or you need ascension materials. Once you have set your priorities, stick to them.

I say this based on the number of heroes you’ve started, but not finished. Some of that is undoubtedly due to ascension materials, but, for example, why two Cyprians, both at 3.60?

I agree that Rigard with his costume is a good investment. If you hadn’t invested so much in Cyprian, I would recommend you skip him and shift to Proteus when you’re done with Rigard. If you don’t already, you’re likely to see a lot of Boril and Cyprian in raids, so keep in mind that Sabina with her enemy debuff is very useful against those heroes. She has a legitimate place in the discussion, as well.

Even with his recent buff, I would prioritize Chao ahead of Hu Tao. You have the mats to ascend him now.

For blue, Grimm is a great choice. Definitely level him up before reverting to Richard. Grimm maxed (and emblemed, even more so) is solid and will be useful for a long time. I have Richard at 3.70 and use him in wars from time to time, but Grimm fights much more often. I don’t have Mireweave, so I can’t speak with much experience there (I don’t recall seeing him in battle, either, for what that is worth) same with Valeria, but Agwe is a little underwhelming. I like his special, and use him for special events when stacking blue (and very, very rarely in war).

I would prioritize Hansel ahead of Little John and way ahead of Kashhrek. Unless you’re in need of a tank, I don’t think Kashhrek is super useful – his passivity and tile count don’t make him great for offense, IMO. Peters is an all star, so he should be your first focus, then Hansel, then Little John. LJ is slow, but has a decent tile count and so is good supporting character when raiding blue tanks. Gadeirus is slow, so he’s not great. I always think that pairing him with Proteus and Triton will be great given the family bonus, but it doesn’t always go to plan. Still, I would prioritize Gadeirus ahead of Kashhrek.

Since you’ve invested so much in Kelile, it makes sense to ascend her and level her up. She’s fast and has a decent punch. She’s shines even a bit more brightly in Bloody Battle tournaments. Definitely prioritize Jean-François ahead of Azlar. The latter is good, and when he fires his special, things tend to go well, but JF has speed and I like his special. edit: I missed Tyr; level him ahead of JF.

For a long time, I did not follow the “prioritize” advice I have just given, and I had a lot of heroes in whom I had invested a lot of materials, but not maxed out. As a result, I had multple, lukewarm heroes. This happend because when I drew another hero, I would switch my focus, rendering both heroes not-ready-for-prime-time. When I finally did prioritize (and stick to it), I felt better about my roster.

By the way, you have a lot of good, leveled three-stars. I hope you enter the three-start tourneys.

I hope this helps. Good luck.


I agree with this. I would take this one step further. You have 5 teams available. Team #1 should be your priority heroes so you see them up top, and know whom you are working on in each color. This quote tells me you are working on one thing at a time :

but your general situation tells me you are working on everything at one time, and skipping between things. If you focus on say, Wu Kong, Rigard’s Costume, and one thing in blue, green, and red, you may find better progress overall, as you will feed more efficiently. More importantly you will feel like you have a better plan.


I used to work on 5 heroes at a time. Changed that when I got Wu Kong so I could quickly max him. I deperatly wanted him for titans. But your advice is great and I’m definatelly swiching to my previous tactics.

Thank you guys for your time and help. To sum it up:
I’ll finish what’s been started:
Red: Kelile, then I’ll go for JF if I don’t get rings for Tyr by that time. Or should I rather go for second Wilbur?
Blue: Grimm, then I’ll bring Richard to 3.70 and wait for AM
Green: Peters, then Hansel, LJ or Atomos to 2.60 depending on AM
Yellow: Chao, maybe Li Xiu or Leonidas if I get darts before gloves,
Purple: Rigard costume, then Quintus to 3.70 cause of missing traptools, Sabina, then perhaps Cyprian (the only reason I have two of them is cause I simply didn’t have other purple heroes at that time, maxing both feels like a waste of materials).

Do I have any other 4* heroes you’d recommend to work on? Another Proteus is a sure thing, but anything else?

What I’d recommend for those other 4* heroes you have is to get them to finish the tier they are on. It conserves materials, and gets you the most of out what you’ve already spent.

For example, in your Green list, you mention Little John or Atomos to 2.60 after Hansel. LJ is useful, but I think instead of using materials on him, I’d either get Atomos where you can without materials, or get Kashhrek to 3.60, since he’s at 3.01. That kind of thing requires no further materials, and is useful as a side thing, for example, when you need to level up some heroes for PoV. You don’t currently have a dearth of heroes that can be leveled, but it’s always nice to make some easy progress.

I’m basically a non-spender, and that combined with my general bent towards thrift has me trying to conserve the rare materials.

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