Where did all the rare titans go? Did the mythic titans eat them?

My alliance had its last rare titan on January 3rd. Our 11th straight non-rare just spawned - all 14*, if that’s relevant.

We used to get rare titans around every 7-9 times, so this is really out of line.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Did you happen to skip one of those 11 consecutive titans appearing after that last rare titan encountered? If so, it messes the rare titan’s appearance. Otherwise, you may be on the long end of that spectrum. Give it a couple of days and it should appear. My alliance is currently battling an 11* rare titan. The previous rare titan was early this month.

Nope. We killed all of 'em.

But thanks for the info.

This thread has some discussion on rare titan appearances and 10 seems to be the approximate minimum according to several players so 11 doesn’t seem to be worrisome.

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Rares are subject to RNG like most other aspects of the game. Whether they were kills or escapes factors in, but doesn’t exactly determine appearance dates.

(I’ve been tracking for years.)


PS:. See this old post…


Follow-up: we got our rare titan today. 12 titans after the last rare.

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They’re still around, we just let ours escape…again :expressionless: my alliance only has like 3 of us who can actually damage titans, the rest hit for 1 to 5K, and that’s even if they hit. That’s the biggest downfall with joining a chill alliance. My 3 titan hits alone account for at least 1/3rd of total damage

There are chill alliances that still kill titans and war…I would find a new one if I were you.


Well, I’m in one of those and while we let 9* and above escape, everyone hits if they log on that day. If people cant be bothered putting in a max of 10 minutes on a Titan you need to find a new ‘chill’ alliance.

I should expand on the word “chill”, which was most likely the wrong word.
About 5 months ago I was at a slump in the game and not really feeling it anymore. I did not want to drag my alliance down so I left and joined an alliance that wouldn’t put my play under a microscope, and freak out if I went 3hrs without logging on.
I’ve only recently felt rekindled, as the RNG gods blessed me with Hiemdall on a random valhalla coins pull.

We get rares every 8 titans about when not skipping titans thats odd that you’d go 11 without one showing up

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