Where can i find what my competitors scored in event per stage?

I can see what the total score of my fellow competitors is, i can see what the team is, but i can’t see what the score per stage is. Would be interesting to know.

If i know one stage is 40k average and i score 30 i’m doing that again. If i’m scoring 40 i will try to get a better score on another stage. Anyone who knows IF this can be found? :slight_smile:

You cannot see this in game, however some players have posted screenshots here on the forums after the event completes for us to see. You can probably find them if you dig around

just remember that the scores from last pirates won’t be an accurate measure as that was before the adjustments from 2 updates ago (mobs are tougher but bosses are weaker).

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I’m also looking for this Information to improve my score, would be really helpful to collect this data from top-Players and pin it somewhere in the Forum.

It’s only available if the players themselves post it in a common thread. :wink:

I’m not competitive, but I completed all three versions this month.

In general my scores follow a pattern of increasing score by stage, going up ~10% each stage.

Is that typical/normal?

If so, retry the one(s) lower than that pattern.

Not exactly the top performer but up there enough.
Here are the scores I’m sticking with. I’ve since dropped to rank 23. I just don’t think I can close the 24k gap between my rank and top 10.

Hold the phone, you can replay stages to improve scores?

Yes. As many times as you want. It’ll only update the score if you beat your previous top score.

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Today I learned whoa.

I just moved up 9000 spots. Thanks @2Spookd!!!