Where can I find rare quest schedule for 2019?

Has it out yet? coz I really want to know~ thank you~ :sweat_smile:

Just search for rare quest reference thread. It has all the infos you need.


thank you so much :grin:

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So hopefully the next one is due to appear tomo or Monday, I need those gloves :wink:

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this is crap…no info about event date in future,worthless quest calender

Then dont use it!

Lets see if google will say what rare quest is next, for example. Lol

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That’s because its random, but it has been averaging about every 10 days or so. Any calendar that predicts in the future for these, will be wrong most of the time. But if it uses 10 day spacing it will usually only be off by 3-4 days either direction.

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Lol thats a nice first post, you should get a badge for that.

These quests are working in cycles so if you make two + two it will always get you to the same result.
They cycle every two months, so if the next one is Morlovia in a few days, after that you’ll get another one after roughly 60 days with all the others in between like every 9 or 10 days, even 8 sometimes.

Here’s how it works:


Thank you on all counts here @KnifeWonder!

Mommy needs a tonic…

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