Where can i find info about heroes that compares on same grounds? Anchor's seems to be stopped

Anchor seems not to be updated anymore. I see no Künchen, no Ariel, no Frida, no … etc. Onatel seems to be the last hotm to be added…

Where can i find good information to compare heroes?

Razor’s Hero Utility is the one that I know of:

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I filled out Kunchen and Ariel there and apparently it is using Anchor’s table as there is no info about these 2. :smiley:
So this app is suffering from the same problem… lol


You can ask @Razor when he will be updating it…

@zephyr1 - probably merge to this thread.

@VFROOD, you should check out the thread I linked, where Kerridoc says he and some others will do it, but admits they have been negligent. As stated, Razor’s tool is also valuable. Lastly, if you have a more specific question, like should I ascend Ariel or Frida, you’ll probably get good information by posting here and showing your other key heroes and available ascension materials.

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Please see Will there be someone who takes Anchor's place maintaining the hero grading? for additional discussion.

As this thread is a duplicate, it will be closed.

Thanks, @IvyTheTerrible! :slight_smile:

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